Cheek area aesthetics

The aesthetic structure of this region is basically shaped by the nose, chin and cheekbones. In cheek aesthetics, the cheekbones and soft tissue mass of the cheek are intervened. In some people, the cheeks are too flat and sunken, while in others, they are too plump, full and swollen, both of which can cause complaints. Cheeks that are full and fresh at a young age become more sunken and drooping with the effect of years.

As mentioned above, some of the interventions to the cheek area also include the cheekbone. This bone can be reduced or made more prominent according to the shape of the complaint. As with the jawbone, there are special prostheses prepared for the cheekbones and used by shaping them as desired. Obtaining protruding, full cheekbones and jawbones with the help of prostheses can give very good results in terms of achieving ideal proportions in facial aesthetics.

The other type of intervention involves soft tissue. If the cheeks of the person are more prominent than necessary, removing a small amount of adipose tissue from the middle of the cheek creates an immediate and very effective change in the face. Thus, while making the cheekbones and chin more prominent, a dimple is obtained in the soft part, starting from the front of the ear towards the corner of the mouth.

The area where the cheekbone protrusions are can be supported with fillers taken from the person himself or given externally, such as hyaluronic acid. If the cheek collapse and sagging is more advanced and in young patients, treatment can be provided with the help of small incisions and sometimes with the support of endoscopy. Classical face lift, etc. in older ages. More extensive operations may be required.

If it is necessary to perform a more permanent and more radical procedure that provides serious improvement and rejuvenation in facial aesthetics, it uses prostheses suitable for the anatomical structure, which we call implants that are not rejected by the body. During the consultation, the implant to be placed is decided, carved, prepared and shaped according to the region. It is inserted through a small incision through the mouth under local anesthesia and does not require hospital stay. It does not take long to place the implant in the cheeks and there is not a very long wound healing time. There may be slight swelling of the face, it disappears in a few days. He can return to his normal daily life in 1-2 days. After the implant application, it is essential to keep the face away from impacts for 3-4 weeks.

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