Cheating (“Why do some people choose to cheat when they can end an existing relationship and start a new one?”)

In general, we can say that people who have not developed the ability to develop, produce and share life in an existing relationship, re-express themselves, ensure the continuity of instant pleasures in impulsivity, and seek endless attachment. Cheat; perhaps it has been an unchanged agenda item since the earliest times of human history and has become a social wound in recent years.

Betrayal is a hurtful and hard to accept situation for both men and women. In our society ” it’s a man, the dirt of a man’s hand There is also an approach that justifies the man’s cheating, such as ”. A woman should also forgive her husband and should not spoil her home. However, although women often seem to have forgiven their spouses, it is not easy for them to digest being cheated on inside. While it may seem acceptable to a woman for her husband to have sexual intercourse with another woman, it is very hurtful for her husband to become emotionally attached to or in love with another woman. It is something that a woman cannot forgive. For men, being cheated on is hurtful and self-confident. The quality of the communication between the couple and the strength of the love bond can help them overcome this, but being cheated on leaves a mark on the relationship.


Cheating or being deceived is mostly experienced due to emotional gaps. Not only a sexual relationship, but also an emotional relationship that does not contain sexuality is cheating, and it is a fact that cheating is not experienced only in the context of male-female relations. In family, business life, friendship environment and social life, cheating or being cheated on occurs in different forms. Although it seems to be more forgivable in terms of its results than the first, all cheating annoys us and upsets us.

Being cheated on can lead to loss of self-confidence, the thought that he is no longer handsome or beautiful and attractive, that he is not liked by his wife, and feelings of worthlessness and helplessness. Dealing with these feelings is not easy. When a person is cheated on, he should talk about it with his wife and try to understand why his wife needs it. If he has a share in this incident, he should take it out. However, the most important thing is to try to keep his self-confidence and self-esteem high.


Is cheating inevitable in marriages and long relationships? Is a marriage without betrayal possible? It would not be appropriate to generalize on this issue either, because sexual and psychological needs play a role in deception, and the personality structures of men and women are also important. It is necessary to deal with each pair in their context. Of course, routine and monotony in long-lasting relationships can cause boredom for men or women, but the couple can keep their relationship alive by making some changes in their lives. It is also important to make an effort and want it here.

Can all men and women become faithful wives?

It is not possible to generalize as all men and women. It is necessary to evaluate each person with their own characteristics. What are the factors that lead to cheating? What place does the need for deception occupy in that person’s life? What is the spouse’s responsibility in this situation? It is necessary to evaluate all these questions and seek answers. Marriage or couple therapy will be useful for this. The problem of cheating can be overcome if the couple strengthens communication, learns how to resolve their conflicts, and improves the quality of their sexual relationships. However, there are many types of cheating, whether it is a habit or a one-off is important.


The effects of cheating on people may differ according to the way everyone is affected by the event. Sometimes, people continue to live with their partner even though they know they’ve been cheated on. Some break off the relationship instantly, while others falter in constant tides. Of course, the Turkish society’s point of view on deception has a great impact on this. In Turkey ” men cheat but women don’t There is such a prejudice. In other words, perceiving cheating as a matter of honor when a man cheats, and as a matter of honor when a woman cheats, and ignoring the social problems behind it; It is one of the most important factors in the continuation of deception increasing day by day.

Marriage or Spouse THERAPY

Those who have been cheated on or think that they have been cheated should not ignore the problem and share and talk with their partner. Those who think they have been deceived, you don’t take care of me like you used to, there are problems in our relationship, I feel it could be someone else, is there such a problem? ” he should talk to his partner. If the partner admits to being someone else; The deceived will experience anger, mourning, sadness, distress, insomnia, injury to honor and pride, uneasiness, self-confidence, and depression. Although this period varies from person to person, it can last for a few months. During this period, a marriage or spouse therapist should be consulted. Because it is difficult to destroy an established order, and it would be appropriate for the deceived person to come together with his partner and take steps to solve the problems that may arise not only from the other party, but also from himself. It also requires cultural conditioning. It should not be forgotten that deception and the problems experienced afterward are a situation that can be solved. In addition, instead of ending the marriage immediately in case of infidelity of the spouse, instead of using the mistake as a stick against the cheating person; It would be the right way to seek an answer to the question “Is my wife cheated on me because she doesn’t love me or because of a human weakness?” under the supervision of a marriage therapist and to do a profit and loss analysis. Because there is always a way out. Finding solutions that increase love, trust and respect is not that difficult. Both sides should ask themselves the following question; “ What has this event taught us?“Couples who candidly respond to this issue can restructure their marriage and be happier than before.

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