Cheating in Close Emotional Relationships

In some romantic relationships, the tendency to cheat is one of the main problems. The tendency to cheat causes great harm to relationships and partners. Studies have shown that 60-65 percent of couples who come to marriage therapists in America want to get help because of their tendency to cheat. The situation in Turkey is not much different from this. Marriage means that individuals undertake emotional, legal and sexual responsibilities individually and among themselves. In a way, cheating means that these responsibilities are damaged and it disrupts the special structure and relationship of the family. Infidelity is the top factor for divorce reasons.

Why do people cheat?

Although cheating is predicted by many reasons, studies have shown that childhood traumas of individuals increase their tendency to cheat. It has been observed that people with negative childhood experiences and traumas tend to cheat much more in their relationships. But this is not the only reason.

There are 6 main factors, including accusation, social structure, seduction, sexuality, revenge and stimulus-seeking, regarding the reasons for the cheating of individuals who cheat.

Blame:It is among the reasons why women cheat because of men’s devotion to their work and too much time apart.

Social Structure:Early marriage, not having any other relationship before marriage, and having an arranged marriage are among the reasons for cheating.

Seduction:While the women stated that they would not cheat because of seduction, the men said that they could cheat in both genders because of seduction.

Sexuality: Because women do not want to have sexual intercourse before marriage, it is expressed as a man’s meeting this need with another woman. One of the factors that cause cheating is that the individual who experiences love and love cannot experience sexual satisfaction with his wife after marriage.

Revenge: It is a form of deception that is resorted to out of anger and stubbornness because the person he is with thinks he deserves. The finding of cheating due to revenge is more common in women.

Stimulus Search:It is seen as a reason for cheating in people who are tired of monotony and seek novelty and entertainment.

Among the reasons for cheating, there are many factors such as temperament, personality traits, and the structure of the relationship, apart from the factors mentioned above. The wear and tear that occurs in the relationship over time also pushes the partners away from each other and increases the possibility of cheating.

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