Change/Transformation in Life and Therapy

When talking about change, we often hear the sentences “it is very difficult for me to change after this time/after this age”. we make sense of. However, we are not the authorized person to give the guarantee, it is our clients who make these sentences. But the part of us that needs a guarantee is also the part of us that keeps us in the old order; cautious and open to change. But it should be known that; If we are talking about a change, there is definitely a situation behind it that restricts you, makes your life difficult or reduces your own potential.

The sentence of change comes after this strain that has continued for many years, and these moments are very precious. It is very important to see those moments as turning points, to see the potential within us, to get the support of the environment while doing this and to seek professional support if necessary.

As for the “After this age …” part; Of course, habits, like a learned language, are hard to forget and replace. However, people are full of dozens of emotions, behaviors and thoughts waiting to be discovered. Just like those who discovered a passion for dance and painting in their old age; It is good for all ages to explore oneself, such as those who, as grandchildren, experience the deepest state of compassion and love, those who start looking at life from a different window with their soul mates in their second spring, those who learn a different language and explore the world.

Of course, every change process will bring some difficulties. These difficulties include the habits that a person will encounter while transforming his life, his stereotypes, and the human relationships that expect him to always remain the same. We should always keep in mind that there is a possibility that you can get tired while struggling against difficulties, but we should not allow this to be strong enough to intimidate you.

This is true in therapy as well as in real life. Some realizations, changes, thoughts, and emotional intensities can be tiring, upsetting, even frustrating. However, as discussed in therapy; In life, suppressed, uncomprehended, unexpressed feelings and thoughts arise constantly. Thus, instead of forcing ourselves to change, we are no longer the person you used to be with what we notice and express, and change and transformation occur spontaneously. The transformed person becomes more aware, has a healthy perception of himself and the world, evaluates events more objectively, can take his share without paying the price of what happens every time, and most importantly, loves himself. And while you are going through these transformations, we are right next to you, accompanying you.

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