Chain of neglect (“Does the neglected parent neglect?”)

After talking about abuse for the past two weeks, this week I am sharing my knowledge about an issue that is difficult to detect and intervene.


Neglect can be defined as ignoring the physical and emotional needs of the child by the persons responsible for the child.

Knowing and analyzing the parts that can be noticed about neglect, which we can distinguish between emotional and physical, such as abuse, will help us understand the situation children are exposed to.

External view of the neglected child;

Failure to meet the nutritional needs of the child to the extent that it causes weakness

Not paying attention to the child’s attire

Bad smell of the child, that is, not providing physical hygiene

Delaying or not taking the child to the doctor even though he or she has a medical problem

Not showing love and attention to the child, that is, leaving them emotionally hungry

As in abuse, there are parts that may or may not be noticed in negligence. Emotional neglect is a type of neglect that cannot be noticed from the outside.

It will be possible for us to divide the issue into two, which is very much related to the upbringing of the adult caregiver.

Adult who realizes negligence and makes the necessary effort

The adult who does not realize that he has neglected and does not (cannot) take a step on the issue that he does not notice

It is not possible for us to have knowledge and awareness of all the issues in the world. It is a phenomenon that the person watches outside before the process that he does not experience in parenting. In fact, neglect is a process that a person can notice and change by watching and criticizing himself in the process after having a child.

Anyone who has insight into the parenting attitude criticizes and educates himself without the criticism of others.

Reflection of the neglected child’s inner world;

Difficulty falling asleep

having bad dreams

Attention deficit and concentration problems

depressive symptoms

anxiety problems

Experiencing emotions in the extreme (anger tantrums, etc.)

Gender identity and dysfunctions

Alcohol substance use

Suicidal thoughts and attempts

Remember: Breaking the chain of neglect is your biggest investment for the future.

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