Ceramic Laminate Veneers

Ceramic laminate is the process of obtaining the desired aesthetic appearance on the teeth by the adhesion of ceramic materials (bonding with various materials) to the anterior region of the tooth.

Removal of discoloration on the teeth caused by various reasons of ceramic laminates, aesthetic correction of crowding and deformities in the anterior teeth, replacement of tooth tissue lost due to fractures, cracks, caries in the anterior teeth, lengthening of the anterior teeth with aesthetic requirements, correction of deformities in the teeth due to genetic diseases. There are reasons for use such as removing abrasions on the teeth and giving aesthetics to small or gapped anterior teeth.

After the color selection is made, the dentist shapes the teeth with composite filling material in order to decide how the teeth will look when bonded to the ceramic laminate before any abrasion on the teeth. A study is requested on how the final state of ceramic laminates will be. Then, the anterior surfaces of the teeth to which ceramic laminate veneers will be applied are etched by 0.3- 0.5 mm (approximately nail thickness) and the teeth are measured with precision measurement methods. As a result of laboratory studies, laminate prostheses come prepared from ceramic material in the desired form. After the necessary rehearsals are made in the patient’s mouth, adhesive materials and ceramic laminates are adhered to the dental tissue. Until the laboratory procedures are completed, the teeth are closed with temporary restorations by the dentist.

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