Cellulite Mesotherapy

In this method, which is used for regional slimming and cellulite treatment, lipolytic (oil melter) drugs, circulation-regulating drugs, artichoke extract, tone-enhancing, cellulite-removing drugs are injected into the cellulite area at approximately 2 cm intervals. 4mm. This injection with needles is the most valid treatment for cellulite.

Mesotherapy sessions, which continue between approximately 8-30 sessions, are performed according to the degree of cellulite. This injection, which is done 1-2 times a week, is completed in about 10 minutes. You may feel very little pain during the treatment.

There may be bruising after treatment. After the cellulite treatment is completed, a single session of mesotherapy with an interval of 2 months is important in terms of preventing cellulite from recurring.

Injections made for regional thinning are between 10-30 sessions on average. It should be checked every 3 months. from caffeinated beverages during treatment (tea, coffee, cola) we should stay away from soda and salt, and follow diets consisting of fat-free, sugar-free and pulpy foods. As a beverage, we should prefer herbal teas.

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