Cell phone use is a harbinger of trigger finger disease

As technology advances, smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers make our lives easier. Looking at the phone when we wake up, working in front of the computer for hours, spending time on social media in the evenings, we spend at least 8-9 hours a day with technological devices.


These devices, which we have all day, not only make our lives easier, but also affect our health. The reason for the pain and discomfort especially in the hand, wrist and elbow region is the frequent use of smart devices. As a result of the frequently used mobile phone, hand pain, inflammations and cyst formations are observed in the root of the first finger. On the other hand, carpal tunnel and nerve compression, which is seen in people who have previously knitted or tightened a very hard cloth, are also becoming more common, causing it to be seen in younger people as well. Cell phones, excessive use of fingers, repetitive movements and excessive force are the biggest actors of trigger finger disease, which causes fingers to lock.


Due to the frequent use of young people, the age of incidence of diseases such as neck hernia and humpback is gradually decreasing. Keeping the head tilted downwards while using a phone or tablet causes constant pressure on the weight. This leads to more frequent occurrence of chronic pain and diseases.

In order to avoid these diseases, which especially affect the young population, it is necessary to limit the use of mobile phones and computers. Parents should be more careful in this regard and set a time limit for their children to use the phone.


In diseases caused by long-term use, the first symptom is pain and throbbing in the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. In some cases, slight redness may occur on the hands and elbows. In people who use a laptop or a stationary computer, the pain occurs more in the elbow area. This pain is accompanied by complaints such as numbness and tingling. The resulting pain should be taken into account and followed up. In case of persistent pain, a clear diagnosis should be made by an orthopedic specialist.


The hand, elbow and shoulder area should not be overloaded.

Cell phones should not be used for more than three hours a day.

Hands, fingers and arms should be rested with short breaks.

In case of pain, cold application should be applied to the area.

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