Celiac Disease

It is a chronic disease that progresses with the formation of antibodies against gluten in cereals. The classic disease progresses with malabsorption, diarrhea, gas, bloating and weight loss. However, it can also manifest itself with anemia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, short stature, infertility, epileptic seizures, and osteoporosis. It can be seen together with connective tissue diseases, autoimmune diseases and dermatitis herpetiformis.

For diagnosis, blood tests are requested after history and physical examination. If the suspicion of disease persists after blood tests, endoscopic small bowel biopsy is recommended. Diagnosis; It is confirmed by a combination of clinical, serological and histopathological findings.

Its treatment consists of abstinence from gluten products and treatment of accompanying conditions.


As it is known, celiac disease is a disease that develops as a result of an allergic reaction to the protein in wheat, which we call gluten, mostly affects the upper parts of the small intestine, and is a disease that results in the destruction of small hairs in the intestine that provide absorption.

Since the main problem here is to encounter gluten, we want to completely remove gluten from our lives.

In our follow-up patients, we hear the word that my complaint continues even though I follow the diet, or we question the interpretation of the diet from the test results in the controls.

Things to consider should be:

  • We should not use spoons, strainers, etc. that have come into contact with gluten during meal preparation and have been used without washing them thoroughly.

  • ????Bread produced on the same counter in the oven may contain gluten.

  • There is no gluten in products such as oats, but contamination may be possible in the cultivation, harvest and subsequent process of the product. Therefore, these products can be limited in patients with ongoing disease symptoms.

  • ????Products made from corn, potato, rice, soybean and buckwheat can be used safely in celiac patients.

  • ????Chestnut, chickpea, pea, broad bean, soybean and potato can be used instead of wheat flour in terms of consistency and flavor.

  • ????Since wheat flour is used as a thickener in many products, celiac patients should read the ingredients of the products they buy as a detective.

  • ????Since celiac patients have malabsorption, the missing vitamins must be replaced in the first period.

  • With celiac disease, the frequency of autoimmune diseases in other organs may increase. Therefore, it should be evaluated in reviews.


Your doctor said you have celiac disease. ????

He said that you should eat gluten-free.???? The doctor said stay away from foods containing wheat flour!

You are unhappy because it means deprivation of many foods for you… you always feel incomplete when you are in social situations.

Situations that are imposed involuntarily make people unhappy.

Well, look at it this way:

Studies have shown that people with diabetes who follow their diet live longer. In addition, the popular idea in diets in recent years is to remove gluten from the diet. If you have a close relationship with diets, you must have seen it. The GAPS diet is a diet used in the treatment of neuropsychiatric and allergic diseases, and one of its steps is to remove gluten from the diet. If we look at the alkaline diet, excessive carbohydrate consumption causes an increase in acidity in the body and causes cell aging, death and cancer.

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