Cavitation is an effective fat breakdown method developed for the need for regional thinning. Cavitation, the propagation of ultrasound applied to the outer surface of the skin, causes sudden and high pressure changes in the cell fluid in the adipose tissue. Foaming caused by cavitation application; It creates an enlargement and then an explosion in the cells. This effect called cavitation; It liquefies the oil and destroys the walls of the cells and disrupts the structure of the oils. The fat cells in the tissue and the released fatty acids are removed from the body by the lymph circulation.

It is a non-surgical method that fights regional lubrication and cellulite with the help of sound waves.

The device application includes reducing regional fat accumulations and reshaping the body. The Ultrasound waves it creates break up the fat cell membranes and the released fat is removed from the body via blood and lymph.

It is safe. It is painless. It is not a surgical intervention. It is extremely effective in cellulite and fat breakdown.

After the session, it is returned to normal life immediately and there is no bruising in the application areas.

The session duration is 20 minutes, and 8-10 sessions are applied, 2 sessions a week.

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