Causes of Male Infertility

Identifying the causes of male infertility and

assisted reproduction of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

successfully applied in male infertility techniques

has revolutionized.

During a clinical trial, men were systematically

should be examined. Evaluation; history, physical examination and

Includes laboratory examination of the ejaculate. worldwide

In a multicenter study involving 32 clinics, infertile

Only male factor is the cause of infertility in 30-40% of couples

appears as. 12% of men identified as infertile within 4 years

can cause pregnancy.

In male infertility, the first and basic examination is spermiogram. Semen parameters

There is confusion about normal values ​​in the evaluation of

Hormonal Causes:Sperm production and secretion from the pituitary gland in the brain

Problems in FSH and LH hormones affecting maturation

Causes of Testes:Causes related to sperm production disorder (Nonobstructive) and sperm

Causes related to beat disorder (obstructive)

Causes of Sperm Carrier Channels and Organs:The sperm produced is a part of these pathways.

It results in the inability to reach the ejaculate (semen) as a result of the obstruction.

In cases where this system is congenitally obstructed, spouses should be screened for the cystic fibrosis gene.

Because children born from pregnancies as a result of sperm obtained from testicles

they carry risks. Diseases caused by other surgical or medical reasons, cause-oriented treatment

benefit from the options.


Semen Analysis:At least 3 days before sexual intercourse or ejaculation to give a sperm sample, at least

You are asked to apply after more than 5 days (sexual abstinence). Lubricating agents such as soap in the semen delivery process

should not be used. The penis and fingers should not touch the inner surface of the given container.

The entire sample given must go into the container. Sample in lab environment

Patients who are unable to give medicine should notify their doctor or the laboratory staff of the situation.

The sample of the people who will give samples outside the laboratory 20 min. at body temperature (eg.

armpit) and should be delivered to the laboratory without seeing the sun.

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