Causes of fear in children

A child’s fear is a normal emotion. But this fear; If the child has started to interfere with his/her daily life, if he/she behaves inappropriately for his/her age and character, if he/she has started to avoid certain places, people and situations, if he/she has persistent physical complaints with no known physical reason, scary nightmares, not being able to sleep due to fear, crying spells to avoid entering his room, etc. ceases to be a normal fear.

Why does fear occur in a child?

Most fears arise after a negative experience that the child has had. An unexpected negative situation, an accident, noise, darkness, school, being alone, abandonment, death, violence in the family, nightmares, authority, bullying can cause fears. Fear is a learned behavior. The child sees his mother, who is afraid of the spider, and witnesses his reaction. Later, “I should be afraid of spiders!” creates the perception.

Types of Horror

Fear of being ridiculed Fear of leaving

Fear of the bathroom Fear of failure

Fear of the unknown Fear of insects

Fear of natural events Fear of criticism

Fear of fantastic beings (monsters, ghosts, giants)

Fear of physical violence Fear of animals

Fear of communication Fear of the dark

Fear of getting lost Fear of school

Fear of Death Fear of Exams

Fear of abandonment Fear of loneliness

The most frequently expressed type of fear in children aged 3-6 is the fear of fantastic beings. The reason for this is that children in this age group cannot yet distinguish between fantasy and reality. Therefore, the cartoons that children watch should be under the control of their parents.

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