Carpal tunnel syndrome – kts (carpal tunnel syndrome – cts)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – CTS (Carpal tunnel Syndrome – CTS)

It is a disease due to compression of an important nerve of the hand (N.Medianus) in the wrist. It is more common in patients with rheumatism and diabetes, as it can be in any person. It can also be seen during pregnancy.

Patients have numbness and felting in the first three fingers. They wake up at night because of pain in their hands, they are sleepless. They rub and shake their hands to relieve pain and numbness. They can sleep after the pain subsides.

They may not be able to hold things, such as the plate, and drop them, as they may lose their thumbs.

Since the diagnosis cannot be made well, they go doctor to doctor. An experienced neurologist or hand surgeon can easily make the diagnosis. EMG confirms the diagnosis.

Its treatment is a simple surgery performed in the hospital. However, the operation is performed either by anesthetizing the arm or under general anesthesia and tourniquet (without blood); very carefully and with microsurgical technique; this should be done by an experienced surgeon; otherwise it may recur and complaints may persist.

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