Carotid Artery Occlusion

The carotid arteries, popularly known as “carotid veins”, are the vessels on both sides of the neck that deliver oxygen-rich blood to the brain. An important part of the blood circulation of the brain and tissues of the face, neck and scalp is provided through these jugular veins. As in every artery in the body, there is a risk of narrowing and blockage in the carotid arteries due to the atherosclerotic (vessel stiffness) process. As in every atherosclerosis process, the possible consequences and complications of the disease can be very serious, since the target organ is the brain in carotid artery occlusion caused by atheroma plaques containing fat and lime.

Genetic and familial factors are in the first place among the causes of the disease. However, inactivity and smoking are among the most important risk factors. Especially uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes can be counted among the factors that increase both the risk of disease formation and the rate of progression.

Symptoms of carotid artery occlusion, which has a slow and insidious progression feature, include staggering, blackout, dizziness and fainting, especially when a person lying or sitting suddenly stands up. However, speech disorders can be seen in patients throughout the course of the disease. These speech disorders can manifest as inability to remember words or pronunciation problems. Forgetfulness is one of the most common symptoms in patients. However, temporary paralysis attacks can also be seen in some of the patients, which are the most important precursors of permanent paralysis that may occur.

If there are these complaints, which are often confused with conditions such as low blood pressure and low sugar, the place to be consulted is a cardiovascular surgeon. An expert vascular surgeon who knows every point of the subject from Adan Zye; will guide you as necessary about both diagnosis and all kinds of treatment methods and will enable you to proceed on the appropriate path.

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