Caries can be transmitted from mother to child

We know that the cause of dental caries is harmful microorganisms that should not normally be in the mouth. However, when proper oral hygiene is not provided, the rate of caries formation increases excessively.

Although there are no harmful microorganisms in the mouths of children when they are born, postpartum dental caries can easily be transmitted from the mother or other people nearby!!! How Does?The most well-known traditional mistake is that the mother takes the formula in her mouth or blows it cold and gives it to the child, and controls the temperature of the bottle by taking it into her mouth.

One of the factors that cause caries formation is that children sleep with a bottle. Especially when the teeth are first erupted, drinking beverages such as sugary milk or fruit juice and then putting them to sleep accelerates the formation of dental caries excessively. If we have to put the child to sleep by giving milk in a bottle, please give water with a bottle right after, so that we can at least rinse the child’s mouth.

Although there are many factors that cause caries, parents can take some precautions to protect their children from caries. First of all, attention should be paid to the eating habits of children. Children should be kept away from caries-forming foods as much as possible. When sugary foods are given, care should be taken to rinse the mouth regardless of the age of the child. From the first eruption of teeth, first adopted by the familyThe habit of brushing teeth should be taught to the child.

Your dentist will help you to a great extent in protecting children’s teeth from caries. Since children cannot easily brush their back teeth regularly when they start brushing, caries usually starts from the back teeth first. To protect these teeth against caries, dental nail polishes are applied to the tooth surfaces by dentists. This substance is applied to the tooth surface in liquid form and then hardened with a special light. Since the child does not feel any pain during this procedure, anesthesia (injection) is not applied. This substance, which can stay on the tooth surface for many years, is especially effective in protecting the back teeth that are difficult to brush. In addition, fluoride gel application by dentists strengthens the enamel of the teeth against caries, the effect of fluoride gel application lasts for about a year. However, these applications must be repeated every year, so that your child is brought to the dentist at least once a year for control purposes.

I wish you healthy days.

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