What is Carboxy?
Carboxytherapy cellulite, body fat reduction, body shaping, weight loss, post liposuction
in recovery, facial and sub-chin wrinkles, skin cracks, birth cracks, scar tissue treatments
The fibrotic and connective tissue bands that cause the orange peel appearance in the target area are dissolved and the tissue
they relax. Cellulite tissue is reduced with the melting fat tissue. Sterile material must be used during the session.
used. The first effect encountered during the application is that the application area turns pink.
This is due to the effect of CO2 expanding the vessel diameter.
CO2 is a substance that our body is not foreign to. An allergic reaction is not expected.
Carbon dioxide is a gas that dissipates 20 times faster than oxygen. environment to the area after application
More oxygen comes from the tissues and circulation accelerates. Carbon dioxide is quickly removed. fat burning

What are the effects?
– More oxygenation of tissues is ensured,
– Increases capillary blood flow,
– Oxidative fat destruction in adipose tissue increases,
– Collagen and elastin synthesis, which are the main elements of connective tissue, increases.

Regions where it is used;
– Alone or in combination in the treatment of cellulite and regional lubrication,
– Wrinkles, skin sagging, loss of elasticity,
– In the treatment of cracks,
– In psoriasis,
– In arterial and venous circulation disorders,
– In venous ulcers,
– Impotence treatment

What are the Side Effects?
– slight pain
– A crackling sound under the skin that rarely lasts for a few hours,
– Temporary, mild redness and bruises on the skin that will not affect daily life.

What are the situations that should not be used?
– Acute myocardial infarction,
– acute thromboembolic disorders,
– acute renal failure,

– Gangrene.

Application Forms;
Package applications of 10-15 sessions are made, applications are LPG, Thermaj, lymph drainage, mesotherapy,
More striking results are observed when supplemented with dermabrasion. 24 hours after treatment
Bathing, swimming and sauna are not recommended for a long period of time.
The application time is 10-15 minutes. It is in sessions once or twice a week.
It is necessary to apply an average of 15-20 sessions. After the 5th session, changes in the skin begin to be observed. 10.
Subcutaneous tissue will be felt tighter from the first session.
Exercise or passive gymnastic support increases the success of the treatment. Everyone of all ages
applicable. It has no toxic effect. It does not affect blood pressure. Carboxytherapy if the patient has diabetes
is not an obstacle. The effect after treatment lasts for 6 months. Follow-up treatment once a month after treatment ends
We recommend. Decreased desire to smoke in 1-2% of patients and an increase in sleep quality on the evening of the application

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