Capitalism and psychiatry

Disconnected from their socioeconomic context, psychiatry failures, maladjustments, and all out-of-normal emotions have created individuals who seek psychopathology entirely within themselves. Industrial pharmaceutical companies have increased the pharmaceutical market by producing various psychopathologies. Meanwhile, real psychiatric cases were overlooked and/or could not reach treatment due to cost. Studies in terms of social awareness and preventive medicine in terms of mental health have been inadequate. Warehouse hospitals are still in operation and modern psychiatric hospitals have been neglected. A contemporary mental health law has not yet been enacted.

A system that sees the patient as a commodity acts only with the profit motive. It mostly takes into account the market’s directions. In terms of disease definitions and preventive medicine, a scientific mental health policy cannot be formed without taking into account unemployment, human alienation from the system, and various crises. Some psychiatric definitions are psychiatric diseases caused by the capitalist system. Mental health policy should be addressed in all its dimensions, and should be prepared in a democratic way with social priorities and protective individual training.

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