Capillary Treatment

Fotona brand Nd in treatment: Yag laser device is used. In practice, the energy given by the laser heats the blood in the vein and the vascular wall is destroyed. The damaged vessel is cleared by the tissue over time. Thin capillaries can be successfully destroyed with this device.

It is not performed in pregnant women and those with bleeding disorders.

In many patients only one or two sessionsTo achieve the results you want in your treatment, following the application 6 weekslater and if necessary 6 months then follow-up examination is required. The treatment will affect the existing vein. It will not prevent the outflow of new vessels in any part of our body.

After treatment light and dark spots, skin redness, bruising, blistering may occur. Avoid intense exercise after the procedure, do not take a bath with hot water for at least 3 days,preferably use bandages on legs.

Use sunscreen in sun-exposed areas.

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