Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

If the mother is overweight and edematous, enough weight can be lost to comfort the mother. Again, this is possible within the sufficient nutritional and calorie balance for the mother and the baby. Or, at best, weight gain is provided only for the baby, preventing the mother from gaining more unnecessary weight.

At the same time, we plan your pregnancy process and make the periods of craving and disgust more comfortable. Based on your blood test results interpreted by your doctor, your baby’s nutrition programs are created by planning all the vitamins and minerals your baby needs.

It will be sufficient for a pregnant woman of ideal weight (for example, 55 kg for a height of 165 cm) to gain an average of 8-12 kilograms.

If a pregnant woman (eg 75kg for 165cm) should gain a maximum of 2 kilos or pregnant (165cm is 80 and over) she does not need to gain any weight, at least 3-4 kilos are already edema, by limiting unhealthy and harmful calories and giving enough calories for the baby and the mother. I’ll pull the weight down as much as it should under my watch again

We are taking a step on a beautiful journey that includes motivation and energy, where regular weight and nutritional monitoring will be made every week by the dietitian Merve Aksoy, where the mother does not worry about whether I ate too little or too much.

During pregnancy, I support the nutrition process online (with remote monitoring, via whatsapp) or face-to-face sessions.

It will be very beneficial for both you and your baby to receive professional nutrition counseling from a pregnant dietitian who is adequately equipped for at least 3 months before pregnancy in order to ensure the appropriate weight and appropriate vitamin-mineral stores for you and your baby, and to protect the general health of you and your baby.
“Remember that it is in your hands to complete your family with health.”

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