Can You Eat “X” in Diet?

Dieters are prejudiced against certain foods. It promotes these foods as foods that are banned and should not be eaten, and never consumes them during the weight loss process. However, the vitamins and minerals we will get from each food are different from each other and nutrition should always be varied. Let’s take a look at the most popular of these foods together.

Can You Eat 2 Eggs on a Diet?

Eggs are among the meat group foods. It is the best source of protein after breast milk. Unexpected effects can be observed when consumed excessively because it has an allergenic effect. It is not preferred especially in hot summer months. If you do not have any medical problems, if your blood values ​​are in the normal range, you can consume 2 eggs 2-3 times a week in a day.

Can You Eat Fruit In The Evening While On A Diet?

Fruit is one of the food groups that must be preferred during the diet period. Our body can easily tolerate the natural sugar contained in it. If you do not consume fruit group foods during the day, if you do not have gastritis or reflux complaints, you can consume the fruit at any time. The important thing should be to complete your total energy right in a balanced way during the day. There is no prohibited food after a certain time in the evening.

Can You Eat Sunflower Seeds While Dieting?

Sunflower seed is an oily seed, so when you consume it, you will eat healthy oil. When you consume approximately 1 handful, you can think of it as if you ate 4 olives. As long as you provide portion control, you can include it in your meals.

Can You Eat Honey on a Diet?

When you consume 2 teaspoons of natural honey without added sugar, you will eat 1 portion of fruit. However, since it does not contain fiber, it raises blood sugar very quickly. Instead of consuming honey alone, it is beneficial to have meat group or milk group food with it.

Can You Eat White Bread On The Diet?

If you do not have any medical disease, if your doctor or dietitian has not told you to consume white bread, it will be a much healthier choice to consume whole wheat, whole grain or rye bread. However, some people may want to consume white bread because they do not like the taste of other breads. It will make you hungry faster.

Can You Eat Peas on a Diet?

During the diet period, we do not prefer to include floury and starchy foods in meals. But each food has its own unique vitamins and minerals. Each food has a different effect on the person. For this reason, the more varied eating habits you have, the better! While on a diet, you can choose peas, but not very often. When you eat fresh peas or dried peas, remember that you are eating a vegetable group.

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