Can You Eat Kebab While Dieting?

When it comes to diet, the first thing that comes to mind is the list of prohibitions, but as a dietitian from Adana, what I want to bring to my clients is; To provide healthy nutrition without sacrificing social life.

It is thought that being a dietitian is difficult in Adana, why? Because Adana is the city of perfect flavors that appeal to the palate. For example, if you are from Adana, you must eat or have Adana kebab at a celebration, when a guest from outside the city comes and you pass by the kebab shop, and if it has been a long time since you have eaten kebab.

It is thought that it is difficult to diet in this city of flavors. But actually Adana is among the provinces where it is easiest to diet. You ask why? Those who live in Adana know that greens and salad are served on your table without ordering kebabs. Ezme salad, seasonal salad, onion salad, radish, cress, parsley are indispensable on the table. This is where the ease of dieting in Adana comes from. First it tricks you with a salad, it fills your stomach lightly. It allows you to eat the kebab when it is completely dark.

How many calories in Adana Kebab?

1 portion of Adana kebab is served in varying weights depending on where you go. Its amount varies on average from 100 to 150 grams. The amount of oil added to it also varies according to the kebab shop we go to. Inevitably, this also affects the amount of calories. If we try to calculate from the leanest one, 1 portion of kebab varies between 250-300 calories on average. Except for the bread and appetizers you consume, of course. Even if you are on a diet, you can consume 1 portion of kebab with bread that does not exceed the size of your hand. What matters is how often you consume it. Unfortunately, consuming kebab 2-3 times a week or more negatively affects the weight loss process.

If you are a dietitian in Adana, your clients will definitely ask you for kebab, and some will even say, “I eat my kebab once a week, please do not interfere with it”. Well, it’s up to us to ensure that they consume other meals in a balanced way. Every province of our beautiful country has a different flavor. Kebab is indispensable in Adana. Even if you live in different cities.

Here are the tricks of dieting by eating kebab in Adana:

  • If you are trying to achieve weight control, you can consume it once a week or 15 days under the control of your dietitian.
  • First of all, when you start to eat by consuming plenty of salads and greens, it can be ensured that some of the cholesterol and fat in the meat are removed without being absorbed.
  • It is also beneficial to be controlled in bread consumption. The amount you consume should not exceed the size of your hand.
  • If you consume hazelnut lahmacun and pita before kebab, you should reduce your bread even more.
  • If there are appetizers with kebab, try to choose light mezes with yogurt, not fried, instead of high-calorie ones.
  • If you do not have any health problems as a beverage, turnip, which also has probiotic properties, will be a good choice. Ayran, which is indispensable for kebab, will also be a healthy choice.
  • Watch out for after-dinner treats. If you have to eat it, choose fruit instead of dessert. Save your sweet treat for another time.
  • Of course, on the day we eat kebab, it would be more appropriate to choose a light vegetable meal in order to balance the other meals.
  • Do not miss your sport the day you eat kebab and the next day.

If you like to eat kebab and are on a diet at the same time; You can direct your eating habits without giving up your taste and without restricting your social life, and you can make the weight loss process enjoyable.

We invite those who want to lose weight by eating kebab in Adana to the Nutrition World, accompanied by an expert dietitian. With the Online Diet program, we can follow those who want to lose weight with their own local flavors from different provinces.

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