Can We Save Every Tooth With Root Canal Treatment?

Modern root canal treatment is nothing like the old methods. It is very similar to routine fillings and can usually be completed in one or two appointments, depending on the condition of the tooth and personal circumstances. Root canal treatment is a very effective treatment method. After the treatment, you can immediately return to smiling, biting and chewing easily. Root canal treatment is completed in 30 – 60 minutes, depending on whether the tooth is single-rooted or multi-rooted. If the treated tooth is not inflamed, the treatment can be completed in a single session. However, if there is an abscess at the root of the tooth to be treated, root canal treatment may take two or three sessions.

Removing all the infected tissue inside the tooth and completely cleaning the main canal of the tooth is of great importance in root canal treatment. Incompletely cleaned and incompletely filled root canals may cause abscess formation in the root of the tooth and even loss of the tooth in the coming years.

There are many studies about the use of solutions such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, edta and laser to sterilize the canal during root canal treatment to destroy the microorganisms in the roots, improving the sterilization level.

A problem-free root canal treatment depends on the complete cleaning and filling of the canal up to the root tip. After the canal system is cleared of all bacteria, it is hermetically filled with special filling materials to prevent re-infection.

Recovers Your Damaged Teeth

With root canal treatment, most damaged teeth can be treated unless the tooth is very inflamed. Advances in endodontic treatments provide the recovery of teeth that would have been lost a few years ago. In cases where endodontic treatment is not effective, endodontic surgeries, which we call root tip resection, can be evaluated to save the tooth.

Aesthetic Image Doesn’t Change

Correctly performed root canal treatment does not change the color and form of the tooth. Even if the treated tooth is in the anterior region, our patients can laugh and talk comfortably. Saving a tooth that has lost a lot of material with root canal treatment is a more economical and simple treatment option than an implant. A successful root canal treatment can be used for many years as an esthetic and functional.

Most teeth treated with root canal treatment are as durable as other natural teeth. In some cases, the tooth treated with root canal treatment does not heal and the pain may continue. In special cases, such as the presence of persistent infection, very curved roots, clogged channels, treatment may not yield results. In such cases, endodontic surgical methods may be needed in addition to endodontic treatment.

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