There are problems in every relationship, there may be aspects that go wrong, while the inability to solve the problems brings separation,
Not being aware of the problems or not trying to solve them can lead to deception. cheating sometimes
This love, sexuality, lust, passion,
to be cared for, to be trusted, to receive attention, to not meet their expectations, to meet their needs.
He may begin to show interest in someone who will meet his needs, that is, around him. Today, cheating
What happens after cheating is not knowing how problems occur and how to solve them, or
it stems from not caring or not showing the anchor to fix their relationship. deception
The way to prevent it is to be happy and make happy. Unhappy couples can tend to cheat much more easily.
Show interest in your spouse, take special time, find nice words and compliments, and keep his heart pleasant. your relationship
Don’t let it become ordinary, keep the love, passion and mystery alive in your relationship. Do not belittle or scold your spouse,
Do not despise, humiliate, never humiliate in front of others, respect him.
Don’t lie to your partner, be honest and keep your promises. your spouse’s feelings
show that you care, that you take into account his expectations and needs, appreciate him, that he is valuable
make you feel Use the language of us, not me, get involved in the common life, create the concept of family with the feeling of us
and don’t be selfish. Acknowledge your partner’s point of view, even when you’re right.
You don’t have to be but accept and feel that his thoughts are valuable, to be right.
try to be happy sometimes you don’t gain anything. Things that make you unhappy or bother you
Be sure to say it in an appropriate language without offending your spouse, speak constructively, moderately and calmly. your relationship, marriage and
never compare your partner with others, no one is perfect, don’t constantly point out flaws,
Appreciate the positive aspects. Accept each other as they are, don’t try to change them.
Don’t try to turn him into someone you want him to be, don’t pressure him to change. Don’t bring work home what
in your head or in reality. When you come home, stay away from individual matters (phone, internet, TV, etc.). with your partner
create shared time alone (chatting, watching movies, listening to music, intelligence
playing games, making puzzles, etc.) make physical contact while watching TV or movies at home. most important in marriage
one of the issues is sexuality i.e. marriage insurance, sexuality, discuss your fantasies with your partner, bed
color your room, try to find a middle ground if you have sexual incompatibility. From the sweet tongue snake hole
Don’t forget to subtract.

THE lure of deception
Why are we cheating?
Deception is an important issue that has existed for centuries and will continue as long as human beings. More
The lure of prohibition begins with Adam and Eve: by eating the forbidden fruit. Even from heaven to mankind
The forbidden fruit has become more attractive. It creates forbidden desire, passion and excitement. Because
Concepts such as forbidden, hindrance, obscurity, mystery and sin are the main elements of the lust for deception.
Whereas, marriage is built on accessibility, love, ownership, formality, respect and approval. How
If they were given an envelope and said not to open it, from that moment on, I would have to wonder what was inside that envelope.
you start. Of course, these reasons cannot be a reason for cheating, not every cheating happens out of the blue.
In general, a need may arise to satisfy a desire. Some research has been done
It is said that it may be related to genetics, but it is difficult to know the exact cause. society alone
While predicting polygamy, cheating is more encouraged by TV series, movies, media and role models. Smaller
Even the fact that boys are told that you will hurt a lot of girls at an early age lays the foundation of cheating and
legitimizes work for men.

We cheat and we cheat
Although cheating differs from person to person, according to some, one of the spouses or lovers is different.
a sexual experience with someone, cheating, looking at someone else, falling in love with someone else
and establishing an emotional connection. In general, men cheat in the form of sexual experience, while women
deceptions, Currently, the periods of the highest deceptions in the history of the world so far
we are living. In the new world order, it’s easy to cheat, it’s becoming normal. Social norms and custom
our customs are changing; our ways of chatting, our dating environments, entertainment and sexuality are now virtual
We bring it to the environment. We become selfish because we are not socialized; so our needs are immediately
If it is not met, we turn to other people, which increases deception. TV series social
networks have diversified the expectations in our relationships, hence the unspoken expectations that are not met.
sows seeds of deception.

Men come to mind when it comes to cheating, but nowadays the rate of cheating on women is increasing.
increasing. Most men are more likely to be caught cheating than women.
Considering that women are less likely to be caught cheating. In worldwide research
60% of men and 30% of women cheat. Cheating applies to all gender, age, education
There is no socio-cultural distinction. In general, men can cheat when they are happy in their marriage, but
Women don’t cheat when they’re happy. In general, cheating for revenge is more common among women.
While it can forgive sexual cheating, it can even be the subject of murder for men.

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