Can scalp mesotherapy be applied to everyone?

Hair mesotherapy; It is the injection of a mixture of vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, and circulation regulators necessary for the hair into the scalp with very special fine needles. As a result of this injection, the drug is directed directly to the target and spreads to the scalp with the capillary ends, ensuring that the hair is nourished and circulation is improved. As a result, hair loss stops and the quality of the hair increases. It becomes more lively and bright. The applied operation is a purely medical procedure.

Hair mesotherapy can be applied to anyone with hair loss. It is a local, painless and painless procedure with no side effects. Regardless of the reason for hair loss, it is an effective procedure. Hair loss is usually genetic. Therefore, after the hair mesotherapy is applied, another special medicine is recommended by the surgeon. If there is hair loss due to other non-genetic reasons, the reason should be investigated, the necessary treatment should be done first, and then hair mesotherapy should be applied.

Hair mesotherapy is a more effective procedure than other procedures for hair. The reason for this is the direct and local delivery of drugs to the target. In other procedures, access to the scalp is less, and other systemic side effects are more common. In externally applied procedures, it is difficult for the drug to pass through the scalp and reach the hair cell.

Hair mesotherapy is a painless procedure. Special fine needles are applied to the process. The mixture has no burning property. There is also a very small amount of local anesthetic in the mixture. This completely removes the pain. It is definitely a method that should be applied by a doctor.

The session takes approximately 15 minutes. This period may vary according to gender or the reason for shedding. Session intervals are on average once a week. An average of 10 sessions are applied.

Scalp mesotherapy indications

-Male pattern hair loss
-Spills due to pulling on forehead
-Postpartum spills
-General shedding seen in women
It is applied in spills seen in skin diseases.

Before the scalp mesotherapy, the level of shedding should be determined by examination. Before application, the area should be disinfected with an antiseptic solution. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory applications should be discontinued 48 hours before.

After the treatment, it is recommended to clean most of the skin with ethyl alcohol. In order not to increase the risk of allergy, hot shower should be avoided after the session. To prevent ecchymosis, post-session hemostasis should be done manually or with the weight of the patient. Sessions should not be repeated at very frequent intervals. It can remove the beneficial effects of the previous session.

Scalp mesotherapy is not applied to pregnant women, lactating women, those with immunological diseases, cancer patients, diabetics and those receiving anticoagulant treatment.

The price of hair mesotherapy may vary according to the number of sessions to be applied. These issues can be discussed in detail during the interview or examination with your surgeon before the operation. During the examination, your surgeon will tell you all the details. Listening to your wishes and trying to solve your problems is the most basic condition.

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