Can psychological disorders be treated during pregnancy?

According to researches, many women in Turkey receive psychological support. Some psychological
The ailments are more common in women than men. For example; depression, bipolar disorders,
schizophrenia, affective disorders, personality disorders.

Many women who receive psychological treatment can have a healthy pregnancy, as well as negative effects of these diseases on pregnancy.
can also have an effect. Stress or hormonal secretions during pregnancy can exacerbate some of your mental problems or
It may also cause a recurrence of an old disease that you had and recovered from before. If this
If the problem is not treated, you will not be able to take care of yourself properly. enough depending on the disease
you can’t feed, you can’t sleep regularly and you can’t get enough rest because you can’t sleep, so
You can delay your pregnancy checkups.

If you have any mental health problems, be sure to tell your doctor following your pregnancy and
Provide information about the medications you use. Although some drugs are suitable for use during pregnancy, some
use may harm your baby. If you are on medication, the doctor following your pregnancy and
Your psychiatrist will inform you about the use of the drug during pregnancy or your withdrawal. continue medication
The determination is based on the severity of your illness, whether you have recovered or if you still have certain symptoms.
will be evaluated. High doses of a single drug when treating mental illness during pregnancy
use of more than one drug is preferred. Pros and cons of the medicine for you and your doctor
You will talk and decide about treatment. If your drug treatment is discontinued, different treatment approaches
For example, you can apply treatments such as psychotherapy when necessary.

There are also women who experience psychological problems after pregnancy. Have a previous mental health problem
The probability of hospitalization of women for psychiatric reasons is compared to the past, that is, the last 2 years after delivery.
increased 20 times. These people were also more likely to experience postpartum depression.

The first postpartum week is a stressful time for all mothers. Getting used to the baby after birth
Being supported by your family or friends during the process will help you get through this process more easily.
it will help.

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