Can I lose weight by consuming salad?

Greetings to all, If you only consume salad at every meal and cannot lose weight, maybe you need to review the dressings you add to your salads. According to you, a very light and fresh meal may make your salad equivalent to the calories you take in a normal meal with the dressing you add.

Salad dressings can often contain intense mayonnaise, sugar and cream. Even the pomegranate syrup and lemon sauces that you see as the most innocent can contain a large amount of sugar if they are not natural.

For example;

A salad prepared with 1 package of Knorr basil & thyme salad dressing (50 g) is worth about 470-500 calories. With the extra sugar and potato starch in its content, you will probably feel hungry again after 1-2 hours.

For this reason, it is necessary to take a good look at the content of salad dressings and add accordingly. If we want to lose weight, instead of such sauces, you can both increase the protein value of the meal and increase your satiety time with a spicy salad dressing with yogurt that you prepare at home. Most importantly, you won’t get any extra additives.

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