Can Hair Loss Be a Symptom of Other Diseases?

Although hair loss is mostly caused by genetic factors, it can also develop due to some disorders. Conditions such as sinusitis, infection, intestinal parasites trigger hair loss; Conditions such as B12, magnesium, zinc and iron deficiency can also initiate the complaint of hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

Genetic factors: The causes of hair loss differ according to gender. Type seen in men; it is a masculine type hormone-sensitive hair loss type seen in more than 50% of the genetic population; which is chronic. As you get older, baldness progresses and hair transplantation may become a necessity. However, the rate of hair loss can be slowed down with supplementary treatments such as mesotherapy and PRP to be started at an early age. Thus, the time to baldness is extended. Similar spills are also seen in women. We can say that people with a family history of baldness are particularly at risk of shedding. Male pattern hair loss, which starts between 16 and 18 years of age, is more common in young girls. Excessive stress, unbalanced diet, long-term hunger and hormonal problems; are among the reasons for this situation. In female pattern hair loss, as in men, inclusion of hormonal treatments may increase the success rate of the result.

Skin problems: Apart from genetic factor hair loss; skin and internal diseases also cause hair loss complaints. Diseases affecting the skin affect the scalp, causing hair loss. If the hair is affected by conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen disease, excessive oily skin and fungal diseases, shedding will be inevitable. This type of spill can be stopped; It depends on the treatment of the underlying skin disease.

Malnutrition: Hair loss due to unbalanced and unhealthy diet is also a common factor. Remember; Hair is also a living organ and needs blood supply to nourish it. Failure to provide a regular and balanced diet, uniform eating habits, consumption of foods with high carbohydrate content; It can cause hair loss by negatively affecting the health of the hair. At this point, the treatment is quite practical. What needs to be done is to switch to and maintain a balanced diet.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency: Although there is no mistake about healthy nutrition, the lack of vitamins and minerals needed by the hair in the body is another reason that can cause hair loss. If B12, vitamin D, folic acid, biotin, zinc and iron values ​​are low, hair loss begins because the hair cannot be nourished. Even if the iron level is not low, the complaint of hair loss can be significantly reduced after taking iron through supplementation. Your doctor will make the best decision for you after evaluating the degree of your complaints.

Hormonal problems: If there are conditions such as delay or irregularity of menstruation, hair growth, acne, rapid weight gain and hair loss is included in these; It can be thought that there is hormonal hair loss. In order to determine the problem definitively, the 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual period can be determined as a result of the blood test to be given at the request of the dermatologist. Hormonal therapy, in this type of shedding; We can say that it has brought the patient and us to successful results.

Use of certain drugs: Some internal diseases such as the thyroid gland or drugs prescribed for the treatment of these diseases, rheumatic diseases, slimming pills, adrenal gland diseases, insulin resistance, diabetes, birth control pills and sometimes hair loss may occur in case of discontinuation of use. In case of sudden onset of hair loss; Factors such as surgeries, febrile illnesses, toxicities of drugs, blood loss, trauma in the last 3 months should be considered. For this, it is important to pass a specialist physician examination and to make some triggers.

Pregnancy and childbirth: Postpartum shedding may begin within 2-3 months after birth. This is due to the shedding of all the unshed hair, which should have been shed during pregnancy. Supplements to be made under expert control have a great role in eliminating the complaint.

Chemotherapy: Hair loss is observed in patients undergoing chemotherapy. With the development of medical science, more modern drugs began to be used and the complaint of hair loss in this direction decreased noticeably. However, after the treatment is completed, this situation is temporary, as the hair will recover with healing.

Cosmetics: Increasing demand for cosmetics; It is another important factor that increases mechanical, chemical and physical spillage. Methods such as tying the hair tightly, using internal bonnets, styling with excessive heat, dyeing, and bleaching damage the hair from the outside and cause hair loss. At this point, the only treatment that can be applied is; to abandon these methods. By taking the necessary supplements and applying the care, the hair can be made to look the same as before.

Stress and depression: Stress, like any disease, has negative effects on hair health. We can say that the drugs used for the treatment of depression, anxiety, psychosis and these disorders can cause hair loss.

Hair; can be affected by many factors in a short time. The presence of any situation that does not go well in daily life can initiate hair loss. In this direction; The person should first monitor and evaluate himself/herself and then get the support of a specialist physician. Otherwise; misdirections and word of mouth misinformation; It may cause the person to lose time in treatment, and if there is a significant discomfort underlying the complaint of hair loss, it may be delayed for diagnosis and treatment.

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