Can baby gender be determined in advance?


In order to prevent the babies to be born with some chromosomal disorders that are transmitted depending on the X chromosome and are 100% sure that they will be sick, and for couples who have a large number of children of the same sex, but have a passion for having a baby of the opposite sex, before conception, feeding and ovulation day Brief information has been given about the points to be considered about some changes to be made, such as the baby’s adjustment, and the possibility of having a baby of the desired gender most likely.

man in history desire for children

The first human societies called clans were Matriarchal. In other words, these communities were based on the supremacy of women. Over time, in some societies, girls were despised to the fullest extent, and they were not considered human. For example: In ancient Chinese, a woman could not speak in front of her husband and could not sit at the table with her husband and sons. In the ancient Greeks, women were considered the property of their husbands and were bought and sold like goods. Arabs used to bury their daughters alive. The ancient Egyptians even insulted the dead woman.

With the discovery that sperm carrying the X and Y chromosomes could be separated from each other in the nineteen-seventies, the scientific way was opened for the birth of a child of the desired sex. In studies conducted in Virginia in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight years, it has been proven that sperms containing X and Y can be distinguished by a number of techniques, since the DNA ratio of Y chromosomes is smaller than that of X chromosomes, and the movement speed of Y chromosomes is higher. As it is known, the male sex is formed when the sperm carrying the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, and the female sex is formed when the sperm carrying the X chromosome fertilizes the egg.

As a result of centuries of wrong traditions and customs, families in the past wanted their babies to be boys. In the last century, important studies have been carried out to eliminate this inequality between men and women. In our age, incredible progress has been made in this regard.

The importance of predetermining baby gender
For various reasons, families want to predetermine the sex of their children to be born. There are many diseases that are inherited. The most important of them are; Color blindness, which is inherited from father to son, Duchenne disease, which melts the muscles, which is passed on to the boy with the mother’s chromosomes, and hemophilia, which is a blood clotting disorder that is transmitted only to the boy with the mother’s chromosomes. In this way, it is very meaningful to determine the sex of the baby in advance in families with the disease. Also, families who have many babies of the same sex, yearn for babies of the opposite sex, become obsessed with it, and therefore have major problems with their spouses, also make great efforts to get help in this regard. Although the primary duty of doctors is to work for the happiness of people, it is unethical to play with the balance of nature without any meaningful reason on this sensitive issue.

Suggested methods for determining baby gender:

From the researches; While most of the women are selective about the gender of the baby, only 17% of them do not have a preference for the gender of the baby. For this reason, the subject of baby gender has attracted the attention of researchers and many theories have been put forward on this subject.

a- Preimplantation genetic diagnosis method:

As a result of genetic examination made from a few cells taken from the embryo by in vitro fertilization (ICSI) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis method, both healthy and desired sex embryos are detected and transferred to the mother’s womb and pregnancy is achieved, the baby to be born will be 100% of the desired sex. As can be seen, the chance of obtaining the desired baby sex with this method is almost 100%.

b- Shettles Method:

In this method, it is tried to have a baby of the desired sex by considering the motility and survival times of male and female sperm. It is recommended to have intercourse approximately 12 hours before ovulation for a boy and a few days before ovulation for a girl. It is recommended that those who want a male baby have intercourse especially on the day of ovulation or 12 hours before ovulation. For this reason, those who want a boy should definitely determine the ovulation day correctly. For this, they can use ovulation kits available in the market or go to the doctor to determine the day of ovulation. For those who want a girl baby, it is recommended to have frequent sexual intercourse in the days before ovulation, that is, after menstruation.

c- Nutrition method:

Changing the pH balance by dieting before pregnancy and thus facilitating the transition of the desired sex chromosome by creating an acidic or alkaline environment in the vagina. The first scientific studies on nutrition In 1933, a German biologist named C. Herest conducted studies on the reproduction of a sea wolf and encountered interesting results. He saw that as the amount of potassium added to the seawater increased, male maggots reproduced, and on the contrary, as the amount of calcium increased, the offspring became more female. These studies were later supported by other scientists by testing them on other animals. These studies are the basis of the habit of giving a diet suitable for the baby’s gender. The special nutrition regime applied to determine the sex of the baby includes foods rich in potassium and sodium (banana, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, apricots, pineapple, all kinds of meat, etc.) for those who want a baby boy, and foods rich in calcium and magnesium (milk and milk) for those who want a girl baby. products, eggs, potatoes, pastries, milk desserts, etc., salt-free foods) are applied under the supervision of a doctor. The nutrition regime is applied only by women, men are not included in the regimen.
The diet should be strictly followed. After three months of this regimen, the day of intercourse is determined by the doctor and the determined feeding regimen is continued until it is proven that she is pregnant. Until the day of intercourse, the man should continue the method of contraception. Once the pregnancy is finalized, the desired food can be eaten, and there is no point in continuing the regimen. If pregnancy does not occur, the diet is not continued for more than six months; Some deficiencies in the body against the foods that are not taken and due to the foods that are constantly eaten, some blood values ​​may increase and very important health problems may occur. For example, heart patients, kidney patients, and those with hypertension can never use the boy’s diet. The most important point to be considered in the nutrition regimen is that the foods recommended in the list should never be exceeded during the regimen. The success rate in the feeding regime is 70%-75% depending on the mother’s patience and application of the given list (50% of babies born naturally without any method are girls, 50% are boys, so the rates are equal).
For those who want a male baby, vaginal douching with carbonated water before sexual intercourse; for those who want a female baby, vaginal douching with vinegar water before sexual intercourse; Vaginal pH level allows to create a more alkaline environment for those who want a boy baby, and a more acidic environment for those who want a girl baby.

d- Other Methods:
With the “Chinese Calendar Method”, which was applied centuries ago in determining the baby’s gender, the importance of the age at which expectant mothers got pregnant and the month they got pregnant is emphasized, and by comparing the age and month at which they got pregnant, it is determined whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. It is stated that this method has a high accuracy rate. If you ask my personal opinion, the accuracy rate of this method is quite low. In my study at the hospital where there are at least 50 births a day, I personally found that the Chinese Calendar does not give accurate results in determining the baby’s gender.

Since ancient times, formulas have been sought to predict the sex of the baby. Subjecting the woman to a certain food regimen starting from three months before conception until her pregnancy becomes clear, performing different vaginal baths for those who want a male or female baby before intercourse, determining the ovulation period by various methods, adjusting the date of intercourse according to the desired gender, simultaneous orgasm and ejaculation Various factors such as

Conclusion: The surest way to have a baby of the desired gender; In vitro fertilization is to detect the X and Y chromosomes in a cell to be taken from the embryo with the preimplantation genetic diagnosis method and place the embryo of the desired sex in the uterus. I would like to draw attention to an important point that should be known in this regard; In vitro fertilization treatment for gender determination is strictly prohibited in our country, except for some genetic diseases.

As I mentioned before, the issue of predetermining baby gender is a very sensitive issue. The delicate balance of nature should not be disturbed. It is very wrong ethically to distinguish baby gender. This method should only be used in the case of X-linked chromosomal disorders in which there is 100% certainty that the patient will be infected.

It should be known that the baby gender selection is not an easy method that can be applied at home without the help of a doctor.

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