Can a Bath Be Taken During the Radiotherapy Process?

Can a Bath Be Taken During the Radiotherapy Process?

Although bathing during the radiotherapy process was a forbidden issue in the past, nowadays the patient is allowed to take a bath in almost every center. Keeping the skin clean will also reduce the risk of a skin reaction.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors, since the skin of the area where radiotherapy is applied will thin and become sensitive due to the treatment. During the bath, warm water should be used, not hot water. Materials such as soap cloths and scrubs may damage the skin of the treatment area, therefore, cleaning materials other than perfume-free soap should not be touched on the treatment area. There are no restrictions for other parts of the body. In long-term treatments, some skin reactions can be observed, especially towards the end, and in this case, taking a bath for a while may be prohibited by the doctor. Because in these cases, wetting and moisturizing of the skin increases the severity of skin reactions and delays its healing. It is necessary to dry well after the bath and also to take moisture from the skin in cases of sweating, and to make sure that the clothes worn on the treatment area are made of clean, soft and non-irritating materials.

In addition, care should be taken not to damage the lines drawn on the patient’s skin during the radiotherapy planning.

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