Callus (Callus)

Calluses are a skin disease characterized by skin thickening. They are usually painful. Sometimes they can peel off. Sometimes it can be seen as a painless hardening.

Why does corn occur?
Usually, friction and pressure are the cause of calluses. Against repetitive trauma, the skin tries to protect itself by collecting water. As a result, the surface cells of the skin increase and thicken the skin.
Calluses are often seen on the hands and feet, but rarely on other areas. These areas are:

  • In the palms of those who use tools such as rackets and hammers
  • on hand knuckles
  • On the sides of the feet due to tight shoes
  • On the soles of the feet of those who walk barefoot
  • Thickening of the soles and palms of the feet is known as palmoplanterkeratoderma. This may also be genetic.

To heal painful cracks:

  • Especially vaseline should be applied with ointments and should be covered.
  • If there is an infection, antibiotic creams should be used.
  • If these measures are not helpful, a dermatologist should be consulted.
  • Sometimes, if there is a protruding bone under the callus, a surgical procedure by an orthopedist is required.

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