The skin reacts by thickening when irritation occurs in a certain area due to friction or pressure.
in other words, it protects that area by forming calluses. For this reason, the definition of nasir is the simplest form of the skin.
thickening for protection.

Most of the areas where calluses occur in the body are the parts of the body that carry a certain weight. This thickening
It may not occur only on the feet, but since the calluses are most visible on the feet, it is common.
As of now, foot calluses are mentioned.

As a result of friction from a shoe that is too tight or tight, or from a hard floor, even two feet
The pressure or friction of his fingers against each other can be examples of these. In all such examples
Repeated pressure or friction causes calluses.

The most common callus is the callus formed by the contact of the upper part of the toe with the shoe while walking.

The most common causes of callus formation are;

*tight shoes

* Shoes that do not fit the foot structure

*High-heeled shoes

* Walk barefoot outside

* Deformation effects on toes

* Having too much bone in the foot

* Incorrect walking (pressing) movements

When the callus is formed, the first symptom is usually the sharp pain felt at the callus site. In mild calluses
When the pressure is removed, the pain also disappears, but in deep and large calluses, the pain is much more painful and painful.
calluses are more irritating. Along with the pain, thickening begins in the area.

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