Buttock augmentation with prosthesis, the first “10 questions” that come to mind


Butt augmentation attempts are performed either by using implants, ie silicone prosthesis, or by using filling materials or by fat transfers.
Each technique has advantages and risks for people with different expectations and body structures.
The healing process is personal.
In both applications, it is recommended to wear a corset for a certain period of time and not to lie on the back after the operation and / or the procedure.
The brazilian hip lift (BBL), which has been heard frequently recently, is the process of transferring the fat collected from different parts of the body (abdomen, back, waist, etc.) to the hip and simultaneously giving the buttock the most appropriate shape with liposuction performed around the hips.

In this article, answers to the most frequently asked questions about the butt enlargement technique with silicone were sought. Good reading.
1. Buttock augmentation with silicone prosthesis is one of the surgical procedures applied to give shape, harmony, contour and volume to the buttocks, the first sentence to be preferred in this application is that the application is permanent and guaranteed.
2. The procedure is performed under sedation or general anesthesia in operating room conditions.
3. Surgical application takes about 1.5-2 hours
4. With proper and meticulous surgical planning, common infections, fluid accumulation (seroma) and “prosthesis displacement” can be prevented.
5. When a suitable surgical plan is applied (intramuscular insertion), there is no risk of asymmetry (the most important long-term problem in fat transfers, -brazilian- hip shaping and butt augmentation with filling), prosthetic corners are not palpable.
6. Trace is unclear and reserved
7. The size of the prosthesis can be changed and removed at any time.
8. The result (change in shape and volume) is obtained immediately after the operation. There is no risk of encountering an insufficient or less significant butt size than expected. Whatever is placed, is the result encountered, there is no possibility of melting or disappearing.
9. The result is not variable, unpredictable after a certain time, as is common in other buttock enhancement techniques (fat transfers, hip lift or filler applications), the procedure is not likely to be repeated (touch-up) due to unsatisfactory results
10. Since silicone prostheses are placed on the weight-bearing area in the sitting position, the silicone does not burst, damage or displace with sitting

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