But I got into the best machines?

SE was a 63-year-old woman who was meticulous about her health. She was quite worried as she talked about the lump on her left breast she had found a few days ago. Mammography and breast ultrasound are performed every year with the guidance of her gynecologist, which she regularly visits once a year. “to the best machines” He told me he was in. Their last review was 8 months ago and reported as “normal”. The mammography images he brought really belonged to a high quality and digital mammography device, but the cancer mass, which looked quite obvious, was never suspected. This mass was also clearly visible on ultrasound. I performed a biopsy using radiological methods and confirmed my diagnosis of concert.

Attention! The reliability criterion in a diagnosis is not the “machines” you enter or the “hospital” they are in! Hospitals that make their promotions through devices are the ones who find it much more profitable to invest in devices than to invest in experienced physicians. However, the name of the radiologist is the only criterion that determines the reliability in diagnosis (radiology) services as in treatment services! Some cancers camouflage themselves on mammograms. If the radiologist does not know how to hide the cancer, he cannot suspect it. If he is not suspicious, he does not resort to the necessary methods to make it more visible. Since he cannot see the cancer on the mammogram, he may not recognize it even if it is eye-to-eye on the ultrasound. Failure to adequately communicate and touch the patient makes it easier to misdiagnose.

Radiological examinations are the main method in the evaluation of breast health and diseases. Radiology specialists are the only group of physicians who can correctly guide and evaluate radiological examinations. On the other hand, radiologists (breast radiologists) who specialize in this subject are the best address.

The essence of the word; Choose a doctor, not a hospital! Look at the name of your radiologist who sees it necessary and interprets it, not what will be done, in which hospital or in which machine it will be done!

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