Burnout Syndrome

A topic that has been on the agenda recently is the burnout syndrome.
In today’s competitive society, too many working hours and low job satisfaction
job descriptions are not clear, one person does the job of more than one person, and so on.
We are faced with a negative situation. This is the Burnout Syndrome, whose real name is Burn-out.
At this point, there is a situation that manifests itself with loss of motivation, indifference to work, and fatigue.
is the syndrome. This situation causes the person to have problems in many other areas.
It is absolutely necessary to get expert support for treatment and treatment.
Let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions.
What are the symptoms of burnout syndrome?
Burnout syndrome, feeling extremely tired and reluctant in business life, continuing to work
It is manifested by the lack of motivation and the inability to continue doing the job most of the time.
is a situation. Often these people experience feelings of helplessness and disappointment,
Even in ordinary situations, the level of tolerance improves, the person may begin to exhibit aggressive attitudes.
This situation affects not only the person himself, but also his family and social relations indirectly.
may affect. While burnout syndrome can cause job loss and family problems,
Psychosomatic complaints and depressive symptoms may also manifest themselves in this process.
In whom is burnout syndrome more common, what are the causes?
Many studies have been conducted on who is more likely to have burnout syndrome.
This syndrome does not belong to a specific occupational group. People are very intertwined, especially service
perfectionist personality working in the industry, with intense tempo and long working hours
working in jobs that have a structure and expectations above reality, requiring excessive effort,
It is more common in people with low satisfaction, unable to say no, trying to catch up with everything and everywhere.
is seen. Research has shown that burnout syndrome is a perfectionist, doing everything it does.
It is more common in personality structures that try to do it perfectly and have high expectations.
indicated that it was visible. In addition, burnout syndrome
It is a common situation among those who have a high enthusiasm to work at the beginning. burnout
The reason for this feeling is that the person spends a lot of motivation and energy in the first period of work.
is thought to be. However, this syndrome is not only personal characteristics, but also workload, social
It should be considered as a structure consisting of support, job satisfaction and many different factors.
How to avoid Burnout Syndrome?
Flexing the perfectionist mindset, not keeping expectations too high,
to more reasonable limits and to devote more time to private and social life.
It can help reduce the feeling of burnout.
Do I Have Burnout Syndrome?
* If you feel tired all the time,

* If you are constantly in negative feelings about your job,
* If you feel unable to continue doing your job,
* If you have become desensitized to your job,
* If you have a loss of attention and motivation,
* If you have sleep and appetite problems,
* If you feel intolerant, unhappy and angry,
* If you always have a thought to leave everything and go,
* If the time you spend on your social life is very short, while the time you spend on your business life is too long,
I suggest you consult an expert.
How is Burnout Syndrome treated?
After the burnout syndrome occurs, the person’s environment causing the situation
It is necessary to take a break and rest for a while. Psychological support of the person during this process
It is important to take it, even if it is deemed necessary, drug treatment can be applied simultaneously with the therapy process.
I wish you healthy days.

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