Burnout Syndrome

Burnout syndrome, which was first defined by Herbert in 1974 as a decrease in energy, loss of power, weariness and failure, is seen as one of the important problems in business life. Burnout can be seen in many people from every business line, from senior managers to housewives. Over time, independent of the workload, problems such as constant fatigue, difficulty in going to work, making frequent mistakes, paying less attention to the given task, and focusing increase. These situations experienced in daily life are seen as normal and are ignored at first, but over time they begin to affect the physical and mental health of the individual negatively. The severity of the syndrome gradually increases as the current living conditions do not change and the stress continues. Individuals experiencing stress in their working life may direct their anger towards their spouses and other members of the family when they cannot solve their problems at work. Although it is known that problems in business life cause burnout, conflicts in our family life, problems in our private life, and toxic relationships we are in can also cause burnout.

What are the common physical and psychological symptoms of burnout?Symptoms such as headache, back and joint pain, cardiovascular problems, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, difficulty in concentration, indecision, anxiety, irritability, pessimism, low self-esteem and introversion are common.

Who is more likely to have burnout syndrome? Individuals who experience burnout often have difficulties in saying no, have high expectations from themselves and life, and show perfectionist characteristics. These people assume too much responsibility, thinking that they can afford anything. They share their feelings less, they want to solve their problems in their own way, and they display strong personality structures.

What are the treatment methods for Burnout Syndrome? When the burnout syndrome is noticed, it is necessary to take precautions without delay. Thanks to the arrangements made in business and social life, the problem can be eliminated to a large extent. Sparing time for yourself, increasing social activities with your loved ones, doing sports, getting a new hobby, and maintaining a sleep pattern will be effective in coping with burnout. However, not answering work-related e-mails outside of working hours and reducing phone calls will protect you from burnout. When you see individuals showing signs of burnout around you, it is very important to understand their feelings without approaching them critically and to make them feel that you are with them. If you think that you have burnout syndrome, you can get psychological support by applying to the nearest health institution without wasting time.

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