Bufferless rhinoplasty


Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) or nose reshaping surgery is the most common plastic surgery surgery. Aesthetic nose surgery can reduce or enlarge your nose, change the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose, narrow the width of your nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and upper lip. It can also correct a congenital or injury-related deformity, or relieve some breathing problems.

The Most Suitable Cases for Aesthetic Nose Surgery:

For aesthetic nose surgery, my patients often ask me, “Doctor, do you think I need aesthetics for my nose?” they ask, they want to know my opinion. For me; If any deformity or deformity in your nose bothers you, if you are unhappy when you look in the mirror, surgery is suitable for you. Aesthetic nose surgery can beautify your appearance and increase your self-confidence. But if you are at peace with yourself and there is nothing that bothers you when you look in the mirror, I don’t think you need to have surgery.
Before deciding on surgery, ask yourself why you want to have surgery and what you expect from this surgery, think carefully and discuss these with your surgeon. The most suitable patients for aesthetic nose surgery are those who know the deformity that bothers them and have decided what they want.

At What Age Is Nose Surgery Performed?

The anatomy of the nose and the development of its bones are completed at the age of 17. If there is no serious functional deformity, rhinoplasty is performed after the age of 17.


Good communication between you and your doctor is essential and very important. At the first interview, you will be asked what you want your nose to look like or look like; We will examine the structure of your nose and face and talk about the possibilities for you. The structure of your nasal bones and cartilages, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age and your expectations are the main topics of discussion.

Even if it was many years ago, you should be sure to tell your surgeon about any previous nose surgery or nose treatment, if you have allergies or breathing difficulties, the medications you use and if you smoke, you should tell your surgeon. In particular, do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have about your expectations about the surgery and the results of the surgery.


Aesthetic nose surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the surgery and the preference of you and your surgeon. I prefer to use general anesthesia in order to reduce the discomfort my patients will experience during surgery.


Aesthetic nose surgery usually takes around two hours. The process of reshaping the nose will vary depending on the problem in the nose and the technique used by the surgeon.
My patients sometimes ask me what technique I use, how I shape the nose. Nose surgery is not a predetermined surgery that is performed the same way for every patient! Analyzing what each patient needs and planning the surgery accordingly is essential for a successful outcome. The happier you are after the operation, the happier I will be.
When the surgery is completed, a plastic splint will be applied on the nose to help the nose maintain its new shape. In order to fix the septum, which is the partition separating the two airways in the nose, special silicone pads can be placed inside the nose or a non-buffered surgery technique can be used.


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