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Braces, one of the sine qua non of orthodontic treatment, can be very useful and therapeutic for patients, but they can also become harmful if poor hygiene and careful care are not performed.

Inability to completely remove the food remaining between the wires;

1)White spot lesions (the previous stage of caries)

2) Bruised

3) Gum growths

4) It can cause even more serious bleeding and gingival recession due to gingivitis.

In addition, when dental plaque consisting of food residues, salivary components and bacteria on the tooth surfaces is not removed, it begins to mineralize in an average of 4-8 hours, and we call it tartar.

The method to avoid all this is actually very simple – EFFECTIVE SCRUBBING

Although many patients brush their teeth 3 times a day, they may come with the complaint of edema and bleeding in the gums. The essence of the job is to be able to brush effectively with the help of the right technique and the right brushes, rather than doing too many, as in everything else.


Toothbrush is placed on the gingival-facing surfaces of our brackets at an angle of 45 degrees.

After 5 seconds of rubbing on each tooth, it is continued with a sweeping movement from the gum to the chewing surface of the tooth, and this process should be applied after each meal.


Brushing alone is not enough to completely remove food. For this purpose, it is used at least once a day, especially before going to bed at night, to clean between the brackets, teeth and wires. It should be noted that the bristles of the interface brush should be thick enough to fill the interfaces completely.


The perfect method for removing food stuck between the contact points of our teeth. It is much more practical and much easier than dental floss for my patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The important thing here is to be able to use an interface brush of suitable thickness without damaging your gums. It can be used without paste once a day before going to bed at night.


Brackets can create areas that are difficult to clean. For this reason, another application that comes to our aid in cases where bacteria cannot be completely destroyed is mouthwashes. For this purpose, completely herbal mouthwashes are available. I recommend my patients to apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night, before going to bed and after brushing.

As an orthodontist who has undergone braces treatment in the past, although all these applications may seem too much and difficult at first, you will not want to leave an incomplete application after you get used to it 🙂 Trust me 😉 It can be really difficult sometimes to create a new habit and get out of our comfort zone. However, I realize that focusing on the pleasure and results we will obtain as a result of the new habit is the most important tool that provides motivation for the execution and continuity of that work 😉 Knowing that there are days when you will enlighten yourself and your environment with your wonderful smile, I think it’s EVERYTHING IT IS VALUABLE 🙂 WISH YOU SMILE FREELY

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