Bruising on the skin

What Causes Bruising on the Skin?

“Echymosis”, which is popularly expressed as bruising or bruising, usually occurs due to bleeding in the veins close to the skin surface due to physical trauma. With aging, the susceptibility to ecchymosis increases due to the thinning of the skin. The size of the ecchymosis is proportional to the severity of the trauma. For this reason, the presence of ecchymoses that occur spontaneously without exposure to trauma or large-sized ecchymoses with minor trauma should not be neglected and a specialist should be consulted.

As drugs can cause, platelet disorders can also cause

Some blood thinners, steroids, antidepressants, especially drugs and some food supplements can cause easy bruising. However, many medical conditions, especially blood diseases, which cause numerical or structural defect of cells called thrombocyte, which are involved in blood coagulation, and deficiencies of proteins involved in blood coagulation, can cause bruising.

How is it understood?

Platelet count and function tests, coagulation tests and biochemistry tests should be performed to investigate the cause. Bleeding gums, nosebleeds, or excessive and prolonged bleeding after a small incision along with bruising may be a sign of a serious underlying blood disease. Therefore, these patients should definitely consult a specialist.

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