Brown sugar

There is almost no difference between brown sugar and white sugar. Both harm our metabolism at the same rate.

Unlike white sugar, brown sugar is brown in color. It gets its brown color from molasses sugar. Molasses is a substance that looks like molasses, is very viscous and dark brown in color. The content of molasses consists of 50% sugar, 20% water and 30% non-sugar substances. Molasses is a type of sugar. For this reason, the harms and side effects of sugar are actually valid for molasses.

Due to the nature of brown sugar, its crystals are smaller, so brown sugar in the same volume has more calories than white sugar. In other words, when you use a cube of brown sugar, you get more calories because it has smaller crystals than white sugar, and its grammage increases. If you use brown sugar as powder, even if you use it in equal amounts with white sugar, you will be using more sugar without realizing it.

What Harms Does Molasses (brown Sugar) Have?

Molasses is a type of sugar as we understand it. For this reason, the harms and side effects found in sugar are also valid for molasses. Studies have also drawn attention to the relationship between sugar and cancer. Especially starch-based sugar consumption has been found to be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Not only starch-based sugar, but also all types of sugar cause cancer. In addition, many studies have shown that sugar is one of the risk factors for heart health. And sugar causes obesity.

Moreover, we get a less sweet taste from brown sugar due to its molasses content; Therefore, it requires more use.

Brown sugar and white sugar have almost the same amount of calories as each other. As a result, there is no such thing as healthy sugar. We can make a fresh start by removing sugar from our lives.

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