brow lift

Eyebrows that droop for various reasons, create a harsh expression on the face, and have a short distance from the eye,
the process of making it suitable. Thanks to the eyebrows pulled up after the operation, the line around the eyebrow
and wrinkles are opened, and the eyebrow area gains both a tighter and younger appearance.

How is the operation done?
An incision is made into the scalp from the forehead border of the patient who is numbed with anesthesia. Through the cuts made,
The nerves and tissues that hold the eyebrows are pulled upwards. At this point, if deemed necessary, the forehead skin
can be slightly stretched. After the eyebrow lifting is done by pulling the tissues up, the skin is straightened and sutured.
The method in question is effective and usually permanent due to its simple, practical and surgical properties.

Patients should avoid blood thinners before the procedure. The patient’s
If there is excessive watering or dryness in the eyes, these should be reported to the doctor.

If there are no intense sagging and late problems around the eyebrows, the eyebrows can also be removed with botox application.
lifted upwards and suspended. On the other hand, botox process provides 6 months permanence. But with surgery
removal application provides permanence for much longer years.

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