Brow lift – temple lift

Brow lift – temple lift

The position of the eyebrows on our face is important. It is a structure that directly affects facial expression. Eyebrows play a very important role in facial aesthetics. Generally, there may be changes in the position of falling and sagging in advancing ages or structurally. According to the characteristics of the person, it is possible to reposition the eyebrows with a number of procedures from simple to difficult. In simple cases, it is possible to position the eyebrows in their new place completely with botox. For people who are looking for a more permanent solution, operations such as eyebrow clipping, suspension or eyebrow suspension can be considered. In cases after the age of 40, it is possible to stretch, recover, and position the eyebrows with the procedures performed through the hair called the temporal fiber.

The eyebrow tissue that loosens with aging sags with the effect of gravity, and it can also disrupt the aesthetics of the eye area by putting pressure on the upper lid. Thus, an older appearance appears on the face. Brow lift aesthetics is an adequate surgery for young and middle-aged people. However, in addition to this surgery, eyelid aesthetics, forehead and temple stretching can also be added in later ages.

The ideal middle eyebrow is described as a raised eyebrow. If the inner corner of the eyebrow is on the upper side line of the nose, we can say that this eyebrow is the ideal eyebrow. The outer corner of the eye should be where the outer corner of the eye ends.

Eyebrow lift aesthetic methods

Brow lift method with Botox: It is a simple method. In this method, botox is transferred by injection method. The aim is to raise the drooping eyebrows higher according to the patient’s request. If the crow’s feet on the corners of the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead are corrected, the eyebrows can take a new shape with their new shape and position. After this surgery, which was completed in a short time, slight bruising and swelling may occur. These scars are short-lived. After the operation, the patient can return to his daily life immediately. It may take about a week for the result of the surgery to be seen clearly. You can find out the cost of Botox eyebrow lift aesthetic surgery with the plastic surgeon.

Endoscopic brow lift and forehead lift: The biggest advantage is to ensure that the surgery is performed through short incisions instead of long incisions. Thus, less scars remain and faster recovery is achieved. It is made with 2-3 cm incisions made into the scalp. Tools are inserted through these small incisions. A small camera is passed through the incisions and the area to be operated is displayed on the screen. Forehead wrinkles are corrected. The eyebrows where the threads are placed are suspended upwards in an aesthetic position and shape.

Eyebrow lift aesthetics with suspension: In this method, stretching is performed over the eyebrows and through the hair. It is an easy operation performed under local anesthesia. The eyebrows are pulled upwards and brought to the desired position.

Eyebrow lift by stretching method: The new shape of the eyebrow is decided by making incisions on the upper part of the eyebrow. The skin between the upper border of the eyebrow and the incision is removed. The eyebrow is combined with the skin above and stitched. It is easy and practical.

Eyebrow lifting from the temple area: Small incisions are made from the scalp in the temple area. For eyebrow lifting, the excess skin is taken between the incisions and the eyebrows and the eyebrows are pulled up.

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