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Eyebrows are structures that give shape and color to the human face. For this reason, since ancient times, people have struggled to shape their eyebrows by thinning, thickening, shortening or lengthening and even replacing them. Especially since women are seen as more feminine, they have made an effort to thin their eyebrows (eyebrow plucking) and raise them. Although thinning the eyebrows is a method that can be done by oneself, professional help is required for the raising process. Although it is a common procedure in many parts of the world to completely remove the eyebrows and draw a pencil, methods that give more natural results are preferred because they do not provide a natural look.

The application of Botox, which has developed in recent years and has found widespread use, has been like a miracle method for women, this method, which can give great results in experienced hands, has become a frequently applied method especially for people who are afraid of eyebrow lifting surgeries. With the application that takes five to ten minutes, it is possible to obtain a desired result in 3-5 months.

When a more permanent and more effective result is desired, eyebrow lifting surgeries come into play. There are various methods for eyebrow lifting operation that can be performed alone or with facelift surgeries. With this method, they are methods that are made by entering through the hair, over the eyebrows and eyelids. When done alone, the way to lift eyebrows is the endoscopic, that is, closed method, which is applied by making very small incisions in the hair. In this method, 2 or 3 incisions of 1 cm are made through the hair and entered with light endovision devices, so there is almost no trace of the remaining surgery. In this permanent method, the tissue of the eyebrow area is hung on the solid structures above.

Along with these operations, it is possible to perform corrective operations on the eyelids. Ecchymosis (bruising) and edema (swelling) around the eyes, which can last up to a week, should be expected after this surgery, which can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

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