Breast Repair with Your Own Tissues

Breast cancer is seen in approximately 1 out of 8 women in the society and in today’s conditions.

It is a curable type of cancer, especially if diagnosed early. Breast

From the date of diagnosis, cancer treatment also concerns many branches.

is one of the subjects. Well, we, as plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons,

where do we step in? A detailed account of breast repair, which is the subject of my article.

I will talk about it.

I would like to start the subject with the definition of a healthy person. WHO (World Health Organization)

He defined health as: “Health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but the physical,

It is a state of complete PSYCHOLOGICAL and social well-being.”

The reason why I emphasize the word is that a woman who has a breast removed is only a cancer-fighting woman.

The fact that he is not a patient is also in the psychology of a person who has lost an organ, a limb.

“You have recovered from the disease. What more do you want? primitive views like ”breast cancer

It is often said by people who do not fully understand the psychology of their patients. But the disease

The living person experiences the psychology of the lack of motherhood or femininity in the deepest way.

In addition, breast reconstruction surgeries are performed in many parts of the world and in our country.

covered by insurance companies. This means that the breast repair business is more than a luxury.

It is one of the elements that show that the perception that it is a necessity for health is starting to settle.

So how is the breast repaired? First of all, according to the technique used and timing, the repair

way is done. Early repair if done at the same time as cancer surgery, late repair if done later

we say. It can be repaired with early or late prosthesis or repair with the person’s own tissues.

In my article, especially autologous breast reconstruction (done using one’s own tissues)

I would like to talk about breast reconstruction in a little more detail.

Autologous breast reconstruction concurrently or delayed with cancer surgery

can be done. In this, the stage of the disease, the wishes of the person and the preferences of the surgeons are decisive.

one of the factors.

The most commonly used areas in autologous breast reconstruction are the lower abdomen, the back.

region, waist region, butt and thigh inner face region. Thick fatty tissue (sometimes muscle

together with the tissue) is transferred to the area where the breast is taken.

In our geography, the place where fat accumulation is usually high in women is also the lower abdomen tissue. This thick fatty tissue removed in tummy tuck surgeries

used in the creation. In its first application, together with the muscle we call the rectus muscle, the breast

tissue transferred by tunneling under

free tissue transfer (where the tissue is completely separated from the body and subsequently

It is performed in the form of tissue transfer method, in which the vessel is repaired and combined.

To summarize the process briefly: First of all, excess fat and skin tissue in the abdomen

veins are removed and removed. Veins to restore circulation on the missing side

combined with microsurgical method. If the other breast of the person is intact, the other one is for symmetry.

intervention may be required. Finally, it was repaired later under local anesthesia.

The process is terminated by making a nipple to the breast.

A secondary gain of this surgery is the patient’s breast again.

it has a flatter and tighter belly. This operation lasts between three and six hours.

Although the complication rate is quite low in centers with microsurgery technical experience,

However, like any surgery, there are certain risks. Of course, the increase and decrease of these risks

general condition, cigarette consumption, whether there is a co-morbid disease and the technique used.

it depends. In weak patients whose abdominal tissue is not suitable, the previously mentioned tissues

can be moved by adhering to the same principles.

Finally, breast cancer, which is one of the diseases that modern medicine can cope with,

diagnosis strengthens the hand of both the health personnel and the patient. For this reason every

It is very important for the woman to have routine breast screenings, even if the disease is not suspected.

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