Breast reduction-lift


Interventions are widely applied for congenital or developmental problems of the breasts, which are an important element of the physical structure of women. The aim is to achieve a symmetrical, natural and permanent cosmetic result without impairing breast functions (nipple sensation, lactation).

To whom is it done?

Large and drooping breasts can negatively affect quality of life depending on appearance and weight. Back and waist pains due to posture disorders, breastfeeding problems, bra strap marks on the shoulders, restriction in sports and similar activities, and psychological problems are common.

How is the surgery done?

The appropriate technique is selected by considering the patient’s age, general condition, breasts and chest wall structure. The operation takes 3-4 hours under general anesthesia.

Are nipple sensation and lactation function affected?

Nipple sensation and lactation function are preserved in mild-to-moderate enlargements.

Will there be any traces?

Although the cosmetic result is always pleasing, the presence of scars around the nipple and extending down a vertical line, sometimes crossing it horizontally (inverted T), is inevitable.


It is an operation in which the breast tissue is shaped in cases where sagging breasts are a problem, and in cases where it is not sufficient, a breast prosthesis is also used. Its duration is 2-3 hours. Scars similar to those in reduction surgery may remain. Nipple sensation and lactation function are usually unaffected.

What are the complications?

In addition to the undesirable situations that may arise for any surgery, wound healing problems may occur in the early period.

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