Breast Reduction Aesthetics

What is Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

The fact that the breasts are larger than normal affects the quality of life of women. Women cannot find suitable clothes for themselves. They cannot do sports. They are hunchbacked so that the size of their breasts is not noticed. After a certain period of time, complaints of shoulder pain, back pain and low back pain increase. To improve their quality of life, women undergo breast reduction or breast reduction surgery.

Rather than giving women an aesthetic appearance, breast reduction surgery is performed because of the health problems they experience. It is a plastic surgery performed due to health problems.

Even thin women want to have this surgery because their breast tissues are large and they cannot find suitable clothes for their bodies.

Generally, it is quite common for women who experience breast enlargement complaints after childbirth and pregnancy. Sometimes many young girls who have not given birth complain of breast size that is disproportionate to their body.

Breast reduction or breast reduction surgeries are performed to reduce large-large breasts to normal sizes and to make the nipple ideal for nipples.

Although this surgery is performed to eliminate health problems and improve the quality of life, plastic surgeons also plan to give an aesthetic shape. They both reduce your breasts and make them visually beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. After the application, people feel a great physical relief. They are relieved of a great burden on them.

What are the Breast Reduction Surgery Methods?

Since each woman’s breast volume, breast skin, breast tissue and nipple are different, the techniques applied to the person are different. It is also important to determine the expectations of individuals, breast skin and tissue characteristics, milk breastfeeding characteristics, and technique. Some women have a vertical line only from the nipple, some women have a vertical line from the nipple and an incision under the breast that is horizontal to this line.

It is called an inverted T. In some women, if the breast characteristics are suitable, reduction can be performed with only the fat removal method. There is no incision in this method. The fewer the size problems in the breast, the less incisions will be made to the person.

You can learn the method that is suitable for you from Breast Reduction Surgery techniques from our doctors during your examination. There are both female plastic surgeons and male plastic surgeons.

Why Do Breasts Enlarge and Sagging?

• Congenital Causes

• Breasts enlarge due to milk formation during pregnancy

• Breasts sag at the end of the breastfeeding period.

• Due to gravity, which is one of the basic laws of science, breasts grow and with the effect of growth, sagging occurs.

• Each breast consists of milk ducts, adipose tissue and carrier connective tissue. The strength of the ligaments that carry the breasts of each woman is different, and breast growth in adipose tissue and milk tissue is different. They are innate traits. From an early age, your breasts can become very large. If the ligaments are not strong but weak, loosening will be excessive and excessive sagging may be observed.

• If you gain a lot of weight too quickly, breast enlargement will be observed along with other parts of your body. When you start to lose weight, the breasts droop because they shrink on their own.

• As people get older, there is a decrease in breast tissue due to hormonal reasons. This causes relaxation.

How Much Should Breasts Be Reduced in Breast Reduction Surgery?

During the examination, because you are very tired of your breasts, you may want them to become smaller than normal. It should not be forgotten that in the female body, the chest is an important contour. In order for your body to look proportional, we recommend that you ask for a normal size bust.

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