Breast Reduction

Breast reduction operations can be performed for reasons such as muscle strains in the back and neck caused by large breasts, headache, shoulder pain, positional changes, chest pain, personal hygiene problems. In some people, breast size may be caused by obesity, so weight loss may be beneficial. Although this weight loss is not very effective on breast size, it facilitates the surgical operation to be performed and reduces the problems that may occur during the operation. As a result of breast reduction surgery, the breast both shrinks and becomes erect.

The doctor who will perform the operation; It evaluates the breast tissue to be taken, the sagging of the breasts and other conditions and decides the procedure to be performed on the patient. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed from the appropriate parts. The breast is erected and new nipples are removed where they should be. Depending on the height of the person, the distance between the midpoint of the collarbone and the nipple is placed at a distance of 19-21 cm by the surgeon. According to the technique used, a T, L or I-shaped scar remains under the breast after the operation. All necessary measures are taken to ensure that this permit remains very short. However, the amount of permission varies according to the color and skin texture of the person.

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