Breast Reduction

The breast has been the symbol of women’s beauty, love, femininity, motherhood and fertility for centuries. It is the most important symbol of women’s external visual appearance, both in their own eyes and in the eyes of the opposite sex.

For these reasons, a beautiful and attractive woman’s breasts should adapt to other parts of the body in the right proportions in an aesthetic way.

What causes breast size?

  • Due to the large volume and weight of the breast, the patient has neck, back and chest pain.

  • Back hump.

  • Skin sores under the breast, itching and bad odors.

  • Since it is larger than other parts of the body, it is an indicator of aesthetic concern and disproportionate obesity.

  • Restricting daily life (housework, driving, etc.).

  • Having difficulty choosing clothes.

  • It is one of the most important causes of breast sagging.

What is breast reduction surgery? To whom does it apply?

Because the volume of the breasts in women is disproportionately larger than the normal breast compared to other parts of the body, neck and back pain, due to prolonged breast pain slouching on the back, under the breast skin soresand your bad smells It is a breast reduction surgery to save the patient from these ailments with the aesthetic ratio of the breast volume due to the formation of the breast and at the same time aesthetically and in harmony with the body. Moreover one breast being larger than the othercases, by reducing the large breast symmetry in the breastIt is an operation to provide

With which methods is breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction operations vary according to the tissue in which the breast is formed (the ratio of adipose tissue or glandular breast tissue) and the size of the operation, these methods can be liposuction (fat removal) or surgical methods.

In surgical methods, a thin scar in the form of the letter I, which is a single line called reverse T scar, L scar or Vertical scar, can be applied according to breast size and tissue. These scars may remain in the form of thin scars (according to the method) after the surgery.

Surgery and after:

The operation takes 2.5 – 4 hours under general anesthesia, depending on the breast volume and the method used, the patient usually stays in the hospital for 1-2 days after the operation and the patient uses a special bra after the operation, this bra is used for 4-6 weeks. Two drains, one for each breast, can be used to remove blood and fluid from the breasts after the operation. These drains are removed when the amount of fluid falls below a certain amount, and the patient does not feel any discomfort while these drains are removed.

The patient can take a bath two days after the drains are removed.

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