Breast Reduction

The breast can grow to a disturbing extent due to genetics, multiple births, excessive weight gain and hormonal reasons. Large breasts can cause many discomforts such as movement disorder, back and neck hernia, shoulder pain, rash under the breast as well as aesthetic defects. . In such cases, breast reduction surgery is recommended by plastic surgeons. Basic techniques for surgery have been well established in the last decade, and standard treatments have been established for each patient type and breast shape. In the young and healthy patient, surgery that leaves a scar defined as “I” or lollipop shape is preferred, while for larger breasts, the surgery type with an “inverted T” scar is applied. Usually, there is no pain that will affect daily life after the surgery, and patients can return to work life after about a week. The most frequently asked question is whether it is possible to give milk after the operation. After the operation, milk is given, and the mammary glands and ducts are protected in all applied surgical techniques. The occasional numbness in the early postoperative period returns over time (about six months). How much the breast will be reduced is proportional to your height and weight. Generally, I do not prefer to make it very small because breast tissue has an important place in women’s lives. It is free to take a bath 3 days after the operation, since the stitches placed are aesthetic, they do not need to be removed.

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