Unlike breast augmentation operations, breast reduction is generally more than just aesthetic concerns.
It is an application to be healthy. Due to development, pregnancy or excessive weight gain
enlarged breasts, shoulder and back pain, posture disorders, redness and itching under the breasts, fungus
they can cause health problems.

Before breast reduction surgery, the relationship between growth and hormonal problems is determined and growth is
continues to be investigated. In addition, the presence of painful or painless masses in the breast, infections and
Any previous operations that may have been performed are identified.

How is the operation done?
After the necessary examinations, according to breast sizes, skin and mammary gland characteristics
The technique to be applied is decided. The operation performed under anesthesia can take 2 to 4 hours.

If the size of the breast is due to adipose tissue, if the breast shape is smooth and the skin is elastic, if there is no sagging
only vacuum oil absorption is done. However, if there is sagging, in order to form the breasts, the breasts
its head is raised to where it should be and the empty spaces at the top are filled. Also under the seat
The disseminated breast is gathered into a narrower area, excess skin and breast tissue are removed.

What is the Treatment Period?
Although you are allowed to stand up 4 hours after the operation, the hospital stay is 1 or 2 days.
Drains are drained for 1-2 days in order to eliminate the leakage in the operation area and to prevent the tissues from collecting blood.
used. The chest area is bandaged for a week, and then thin bands to be used for 1 week are attached. Breast
In reduction operations, some traces remain according to the technique used, but from the 6th month onwards.
substantially decreases.

Will breastfeeding be affected after the surgery?
Whether the relationship between the nipple and milk ducts will be disrupted is up to you and your decision.
depends on the technique, the pros and cons of both situations are explained during the examination. from breast tissue
The amount to be taken will also affect milk production and secretion.

How is it determined how much the breasts will shrink?
In addition to breast size and sagging, achieving a natural appearance is among the determining factors.

Will there be any scars after the operation?
Thanks to the techniques used today, the first 6 months can be a letter J or a single straight line or an inverted T-shaped
scars and diminishes over time. In the early stages, in some dark-skinned people, prominence in the scars, redness and
itching may occur. This condition requires medication. A noticeable reduction in scars after 6 months
will be.

Does the surgery cause loss of sensation in the breast?
Partial loss of sensation in the nipple, depending on the carrying distance of the nipple and the amount of reduction

Is it necessary to wear a bra?
In the first month, special bras should be worn continuously. Extension of use up to 3 months
It is recommended.

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