Breast Reduction

Why is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?
In some women, the breast is large and drooping compared to the body. Breast size is hereditary,
It can be caused by hormonal or excess weight. Low back pain, shoulder pain, back pain, posture
bras due to your disproportionately large breasts causing various physical symptoms such as
straps may mark, may have difficulty choosing clothes, may be ashamed of your large breasts, sexually suggestive
You can hear words, you can be emotionally affected. Your complaints are accompanied by the heat in the summer
may increase, there may be rash and itching under the breasts, it may make you uncomfortable to draw attention while swimming.
can. In this case, a surgical procedure is performed to reduce the weight and volume of the breast and to lift it.
You can consider breast reduction surgery.

What should be considered before the operation?
Weight loss is recommended for overweight patients. Smoking negatively affects wound healing.
For a healthy recovery process, you should stop smoking for a while before and after the surgery.
Do not use drugs 2 weeks before the day of surgery, tell your surgeon about the drugs you need to use.
You can use it in consultation. You must follow your doctor’s instructions. Breast Reduction surgery
Before your doctor learns your and your family’s medical history,
determine the factors. From the cleaning of your postoperative clothes and the place where you will stay
Make sure your hygiene. Have clean, ironed comfortable clothes available. The things you need to do
Take your time before and after the surgery to rest.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?
Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and tissue and re-builds the breasts in desired sizes.
is positioning. There are several different surgical methods, and your surgeon will consider the traces of the methods, the advantage
and will inform you about the disadvantages and choose the most suitable technique for you. by surgery
You can share your concerns with your surgeon. Breast Reduction surgery under general anesthesia
It takes about 2-4 hours depending on the size of the breast. There may be asymmetry in the breasts
Asymmetry can be corrected with necessary reduction during operation. You stay in the hospital for one night after the surgery and
A surgical bra is worn for 6-8 weeks after the operation.

From What Age Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Performed?
Surgery can be performed from the age of 18. Under the age of 18, if there is serious mental and physical stress,
After the breast tissue development is completed, breast reduction operation can be performed.

What Should Be Considered After the Surgery?
After staying in the hospital for one night after the surgery, your surgeon will tell you that you need attention.
will inform and give necessary instructions. When you leave the hospital, go home
We do not want you to lie down, we want you to be on the move without tiring yourself. At least 1 post-surgery
weeks and physical activities should be avoided for at least 1 month. Postoperative weight
Do not remove and help you with household chores and child care for a while from your family, spouse.
Please ask them to be.
Your stitch marks will fade over time and their clarity will decrease, but they will not disappear completely. your traces
improvement and prominence will vary from person to person. Traces under a bra or bikini
will remain. Some creams and care products will be recommended for you to heal the scars well. Some
in cases where the scars are better and their clarity decreases in a shorter time,
We are applying fractional C02 laser on it.
After the operation, you can become pregnant and breastfeed your child with peace of mind. a successful
As a result of the surgery, you can get rid of your complaints, with your new clothes, with your new breasts.
You can regain your lost self-confidence.

How is the Healing Process?
The rate of recovery will vary from person to person, and as healing continues, your breasts will become softer and softer.
it will be natural. Do not delay your post-operative checkups and call your surgeon with your questions.
Be sure to ask. Our patients coming from different continents from abroad who cannot come for regular examination
You can always call us during the recovery process and send your photos to check it remotely.
they may be.
Week 1: You will have mild aches and pains in the early period. Pain reliever at the dose recommended by your doctor
you can use. Complications are most common and prevent complications.
Instead of lying down, take a walk without tiring yourself. Wear your medical bra day and night.
Week 2: Your pain will be relieved. You can increase your movements. Depending on the job you do
You can return. Swelling in your breasts will continue. Do not lift heavy weights for up to 6 weeks
Do not do housework, strenuous exercises.
Week 6: You can take off your medical bra. Resume your physical activities from where you left off
you can.
6th Month: The swelling will go down, the scars will fade and the breasts will take their final shape.

Do Breasts Grow Again After Surgery?
It will not regrow under normal conditions, but excessive weight gain or some growth during pregnancy
it could be.

What Should Be Considered While Traveling by Airplane?
Be careful 8 weeks after surgery. A small suitcase that is not heavy with you on the plane trip
forehead. Do not force yourself to carry your luggage. We are a helpful community around you
Ask people for help. Stay away from people running in the airport from flying elbows on the plane.
Drink plenty of water before and after travel, and before long trips during and during travel
Take walks afterwards.

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